That’s the name of the new solution for measuring immissions in your area.  DUSTEE is a next gen sensoric system for cities, companies and homes. You don’t have to wait anymore for the report from meteorological stations, which might not even be anywhere near your house. This device not only measures immissions in real time and shows them in an easily readable form, but it can also combine artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques to predict future smog situations at the base of historical data. You can then decide, if you’ll go outside that day or if it will be better to stay home.

Big performance in a small thing

DUSTEE is able to measure up to 10 elements using 7 different sensors with accuracy similar to a meteorological station. Where the meteorological station pales in comparison though, is size. DUSTEE devices are usually a size of one or two hockey pucks and can be attached to a window, street lighting or a bus stop.

Next area, where meteorological station is not able to compare is the area coverage. The big meteorological station is often only one in the entire city. Often times, this can make the measurements inaccurate. For example, the station can be placed near a well-frequented road or in a valley, where the air-quality can be much worse than in places 100m away. In these cases, places with good air-quality would still get notifications from the meteorological station to not come out. Thanks to their low price and small size, the sensors can be placed into many different parts of the city or even into every street. Then, using the new technology DUSTEE SENSE, all DUSTEE devices can get connected and create an accurate map of pollution of the entire area. So, if you’ll buy the sensor for your house, the device can connect itself using SENSE technology to other DUSTEE devices in the city and you can see the precise state of the air-pollution and places that you can visit, or which you should rather stay away from. The device can also work as a thermometer or as a humidity sensor.

Something for everyone

Now, that we know, how DUSTEE works, let’s mention all three variants of it. Each variant has been made for a certain group of customers and their needs. For regular homes is ideal the first version, that can be used to sense humidity, temperature and dust pollution.

The second version, DUSTEE  PRO is suitable for companies that can measure other elements as well such as NO2, VOC, CO2 and CO.

The last version is primarily suited for cities and so it’s simply called DUSTEE CITY. This version can detect elements of the previous versions and also adds capabilities to detect SO2, O3 and H2S. If this measurement is not enough, it is possible to connect DUSTEE CITY to third party devices. It is also possible to connect a backup battery, get access to DUSTEE API and access to the historic state of the air-quality which can be used for before-mentioned predictions.

An idea worth of gold

During this year’s exhibition AMPER 2019, DUSTEE was also presented in the competition Golden AMPER, where the idea was liked so much, it received an Honorable Mention of Golden AMPER 2019 and the interest of a wide range of people. The competition then had also the unexpected effect of publicity and the booth of SECTRON, DUSTE official distributor, was immediately filled with people that wanted to know more about the product.

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