IoT and Smart Solutions

Smart technology offers smart solutions for IoT devices. IoT (Internet of Things) connects all smart devices to guarantee new features and secured data exchange. You can easily control smart devices remotely using your phone or simply connect them to the central unit. The smart device alerts you when the limit values are exceeded and you can prevent unexpected events in time.

NarrowBand IoT

NarrowBand IoT (NB-IoT) is a low power technology built on 4G LTE. It is exclusively designed for intermittent transmission of low data and allows all smart devices to be connected to the network from all locations. The advantage of NB-IoT is very low consumption, good range and use of the already built network of the mobile operator, which ensures sufficient coverage outside and inside buildings. To use this technology, you need to have a special SIM card with NB-IoT support.


Monitoring watches and mediates information in real time. In the event of a non-standard situation, you can use the monitoring to detect errors or various deviations earlier and thus prevent possible problems. There are various types of monitoring, such as monitoring of air quality, water level, movement of people and animals, performance of technical equipment, etc.


A sensor is a device that detects events or changes in a given environment and sends information to the control system. The sensor is used in combination with various converters, which are then used to send data to the required destinations. Using various sensors, it is possible to obtain data on the condition of the goods, such as transport temperature, humidity level, water level, shocks, or damage.


A cloud is a network of servers that are interconnected around the world and function as a single ecosystem. Each server has its own function. These servers are used to store and manage data, launch applications, or deliver content and services. You can access your files and applications online from any Internet-enabled device, so information is available wherever and whenever you need it. The SECTRON CLOUD platform sends data to a secure place on the Internet where it is processed (servers, computers, etc.). The processed data can then be displayed in the form of web pages, individual dashboards, etc.


The platform is a working environment (base) in software and hardware form, in which programs, applications, operating systems, computer components work. This environment allows the programs to run smoothly.


Software is the name for the programs and applications that are used on the hardware. We divide software into application and system types. System software ensures the use of the computer, and application software are programs that the user works with.

System software

firmware: software included in the hardware, driver, or basic program required for the operation of the equipment, it is used for basic communication between the various components of the equipment and is used to control the basic operation of the machine.

Operating system

Operating system: is a set of programs that allow the use of computer software, mobile phone software, etc.

Application software

File managers: allow you to organize data stored on storage media.


Hardware is the technical equipment of a computer, which includes the motherboard, processor, graphics card, hard drive, ram memory, drive, power supply and other peripherals.

IP protocol

IP stands for Internet Protocol. It is a basic protocol used for communication in computer networks and the Internet. These are rules describing the transmission of data over a network. It does not guarantee data transmission and distinguishes only individual network interfaces using the IP address.


A dashboard simplifies the work by speeding up access to the most frequently used information, such as notes, weather, calculator, contacts, directories and the like. Thanks to the dashboard, you do not have to open individual applications and you can also create your own widgets, which you can adapt to your requirements.


A widget is an interactive element of your computer that displays the current content of the information you want to access quickly on the device home page. Widgets are most often used on a desktop PC, tablet, mobile phone or laptop. You can customize widgets according to your needs, for example, add only the most important ones to the desktop, such as icons, buttons, toolbars, tabs, windows, address bars.

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