RF Cable adapters

cable adapter or pigtail is a portion of an optical fiber, coaxial cable, or other conduit that terminates in a connector on both sides. Adapters connect to a port or interface and thus connect two devices. If you need to change the type of the connector, it is the adapter that will allow you to change it. We will design and manufacture an adapter according to your requirements.

RF coaxial cables

The properties of each coaxial cable determine the properties of their conductors (outer and inner diameter) and the surrounding insulation. The coaxial cable consists of an inner conductor, a dielectric, a shield and a sheath. Antenna cables have an impedance of 50 ohms, or 75 ohms. We offer cables that are used for RF signal transmission in various lengths and we will adjust them according to your wishes.

Frequency band

The frequency band is a continuous interval between the lower and upper frequency. The frequency bandwidth is the frequency range defined by the lower and upper cut-off frequencies. The unit of frequency is hertz, commonly reffered to as Hz.


It is a complex resistance to alternating current, which is composed of two components of real resistance R and imaginary or reactive reactance X. Alternating current is always used to measure impedance. The unit of impedance is ohm Ω, commonly referred to as the capital letter Z.

Insertion attenuation

Attenuation (loss) is a decrease in signal strength. It is marked in decibels (dB). Attenuation is undesirable, it is often caused by mismatch of the RF transmission system, whether it is losses caused by impedance, polarization mismatch, it can also be attenuation inserted eg on coaxial cable (which increases in proportion to cable length), connectors, splitters and connectors.


A connector is a connecting component that is used to connect cables to a device. It provides a mechanical connection with the possibility of repeated connection and disconnection. There are many types of connectors, each with its own characteristics. Most connectors consist of a socket (female) and a plug (male). We offer various types of coaxial connectors such as SMA, U.FL, TNC, BNC, MCX, MMCX, FAKRA, FME.

Types of connectors

Wide range of cable, panel and PCB RF connectors.

Panel - This type of connector is designed for mounting or soldering to the panel (PCB).
Cable - This type of connector is designed to be crimped (attached) to a cable.
Reverse - This type of connector has the opposite internal contact with respect to the connector design. Imagine a male SMA connector with a center pin and an internal thread. The reverse male of the SMA connector will then look like a nut, but instead of an inner wire (pin), it will will have a hole.
The male looks like a classic nut with a center pin.
The female has a screw thread around the perimeter, there is a hole instead of a pin.


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