RFID is a general term for technologies that use radio waves to identify objects.

Passive RFID 

The main element is a reader that sends pulses to the environment and waits for feedback from nearby tags. These pulses charge the capacitor of the nearby chip and it sends information about its contents back from the reader thanks to this energy.

Active RFID

This technology udrd periodically transmitted pulses directly from the RFID tag, which includes a chip that is mounted on the board and charged by the battery. This information is transmitted to the nearest RFID reader antennas and rocessed. Battery life ranges from 3 to 5 years , then the tag needs to be replaced. However, thanks to the internal battery, they can transmit a signal with a higher power level, which also significantly increases the functional reading distance.

RFID tag

An RFID tag is a chip that is equipped with an antenna and is capable of transmitting and transcribing data. RFID tags have different sizes and specific properties.

RFID reader

The RFID reader is used to read and write data to the RFID tag. It evaluates data from read from RFID tags and further processes them, for example, by sending them to a cloud or server for further processing. Readers differ in their performance, number of antenna ports or protocols that they can process.

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