SECTRON weather station with WiFi / LAN converter

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SECTRON weather station with WiFi/LAN converter

Do you need an overview of the current weather? The SECTRON weather station and the SECTRON Cloud platform are the ideal solution for measurement of barometric pressure, outdoor and indoor temperature, outdoor and indoor relative humidity, wind speed, rainfall. The indoor unit also displays the date, time, dew point, pressure graph, moon phase and animated weather forecast.

The weather station is equipped with a touch LCD with backlight. The outdoor temperature sensor sends data wirelessly to the base station.

The stored data from the base station is sent using a Wi-Fi converter to the SECTRON Cloud, which can be used for easy monitoring and data management. The obtained data can be further transferred, using the API, to the website of the municipal office or company. In the event of a temperature change to a defined critical level, the cloud - in combination with the SECTRON SMS GATEWAY product – sends out an SMS with information about this change to all defined contacts.

The weather station measures:

• barometric pressure (920–1080 hPa)
• outside temperature (-40 to 65°C)
• indoor temperature (0 -50°C)
• external and internal relative humidity (1% -99%)
• wind speed (0–50 m / s)
• amount of precipitation (0–9999 mm / 1h / day / week / month or total since reset)
• dimensions of the indoor unit with display 243x145x51 mm 
• dimensions LCD 124x78 mm
• dimensions of the outdoor station with sensors 740x220 mm

The SECTRON weather station is suitable for use in places that need to actively monitor temperature and weather changes, for example in agriculture.

Wi-Fi/LAN Converter

Wi-Fi/LAN Converter is a device that connects a meteorological station with a cloud service. The converter collects data from the weather station via the USB interface and then processes this data and sends it to the cloud service using the MQTT protocol and the local Wi-Fi NB-IoT network. In case of a network failure, it stores all the data and automatically sends it as soon as the connection gets restored.


• Powered by 5V micro USB adapter
• Connection to the weather station via USB interface
• Includes a microSD card (2GB) with a pre-installed application for connection to the SECTRON Cloud
• Ability to resend data in case of network failure

What is SECTRON Cloud?

SECTRON Cloud is an SaaS platform for collecting, processing, visualizing and managing IoT devices. It enables device connection via standard IoT - MQTT, CoAP and HTTP protocols and supports both cloud and on-premise deployments. The platform combines scalability, fault tolerance and performance, so you will never lose your data and you will always have the necessary data at hand in both text and graphic form.

In order for the station to work in the cloud, you need to purchase a SECTRON Weather Station with WiFi Converter + SECTRON Cloud.

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