ThingMagic M6E Development Kit (North/South America, EU, IN, KR)

Item code: TM-M6E-DEVKIT /Manufacturer: JADAK A Novanta Company /PRODUCT CODE: M6E-DEVKIT


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ThingMagic M6E Development Kit

The associated reader module enables you to build a reader with serial and USB interfaces to support both board-to-board and board-to-host connectivity.

Modules can be soldered directly to the motherboard as a standard part. Integrated connectors allow the module to be connected to the motherboard.


• Multiprotocol support including EPCglobal Gen 2 (ISO 18000-6C) with DRM, ISO 18000-6B (optional) and IP-X (optional)
• Four 50 Ohm MMCX connectors supporting four monostatic antennas
• Separate read and write levels, command-adjustable from 5 dBm to 31.5 dBm (1.4W) with +/0.5 dBm accuracy above +15 dBm
• Support for full 860 to 960 MHz UHF RFID carrier frequency range to accommodate worldwide regulations
• Certifiable for operation in countries adopting FCC, ETSI, MIC (KR) and SRRC-MII (PRC) regulatory specifications
• TTL level asynchronous data interface supporting speeds up to 921.6 kbps
• USB 2.0 full speed device port (up to 12 Mbps)
• Operating temperature range of -40 °C to +60 °C
• Tag read rate of 750 tags/second using high-performance settings
• Maximum tag read distance of over 30 feet (9 m) with 6 dBi antenna
• 4 GPIO lines controlled through data interface

Package contains:

• M6e-M Micro Embedded RFID Module Unit
• Test Chassis Unit
• 6 ft RP-TNC to RP-TNC Antenna Cable
• USB Cable
• 9V AC Power Adapter + Plug Adapter Kit (US, UK, EU, IN, KR)
• Antenna Unit (7.5 in 7 dBiC patch antenna)
• Packet of Sample Tags
• Mercury API
• Full Schematics

More information can be found in the attached datasheet.


Operational temperature: -40 až +60 °C Dimensions: 69 x 43 x 7.5 mm

Documents for download

TM-M6E-DEVKIT.pdf (272.47 kB)

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International business: +420 556 621 020,

Hotline: 599 509 599

International Business: +420 556 621 030,

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