About us

1. Tradition and reliability

We are a traditional and innovative manufacturing and commercial company with 26 years’ heritage.

2. Why us

We are your commercial partner on the market of wireless industrial M2M technologies and complete hardware accessories. We continue growing, innovating, expanding both our divisions and portfolio, winning awards and new commercial partners.

3. Specialists in the field 

Thanks to our many years of experience, we know how to remain specialists in the field of M2M communication and provide a solution based on your needs. We offer the uniquity of our own manufacturing and its long-standing quality.

4. Who are our customers

Our customers are primarily systems integrators, distributors of electronic components and manufacturing companies with their own development. We offer them comprehensive solutions from the initial concept to its implementation.

5. Who we cooperate with

Since 2000, we have actively expanded our partnership with  top distributors of M2M technologies and we represent the brands Gemalto M2M, Trimble, Laird Technologies, Elatec,  Advantech B+B SmartWorx, Robustel, Andra

Our vision, mission and goals

Everything we do, from our M2M communication projects for partners both in the Czech Republic and throughout the world, to sales of mobile phones and GPS navigation devices, supports our mission: “To be a strong partner offering high-quality products and services.” 

By 2017, SECTRON wants to become more

Open – to new challenges and collaborations on interesting projects according to current trends on the IoT market 

Diverse – by presenting a wide offer of high-quality products in the area of wireless components for M2M communication and mobile technologies

International – by expanding its activity in wireless technologies and own products on foreign markets throughout the world

Stable – financially independent in all its activities and its own growth


Foundations that we support and publicly beneficial work

All the money that has helped has always been rooted in the strong story of the people around us.  We have supported various foundations since 2002. Worth mentioning is our financial support to the training of guide dogs, and the Patrik dětem and Cesta bez bariér foundations.

Not only for our involvement at the Na soutoku 2010 charity event were we thanked by the chairwoman of the board of directors. We highly regard the thanks of those we support and will continue to financially support foundations in the future as well.

Hotline: 599 509 599

International business: +420 556 621 020,

Hotline: 599 509 599

International Business: +420 556 621 030,

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