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DVB-T2 television antennas


Common DVB-T2 TV antennas are used to receive digital signals. You can use any antenna, from room to outdoor.

Directional DVB-T2 TV antennas are more suitable for places with weak signals.

By correctly positioning the antenna, you get a better signal affecting the quality of the image. Omnidirectional antennas are preferable for indoor locations and in places where good signal coverage of the DVB-T2 installation is guaranteed. DVB-T2 differs from DVB-T in the width of the frequency spectrum used, i.e. antennas that are designed for DVB-T reception” are compatible with new receivers that support the new T2 standard.

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These antennas are used to receive or broadcast television or radio signals with a so-called surface wave, which applies to both analogue and digital broadcasts. DVB-T2 antennas easily tune your device to the best possible wave.

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