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UMTS (3G) antennas


UMTS 3G antennas are designed to receive UMTS signals. Using a 3G antenna will improve the signal strength  signal quality and the speed of your 3G connection. Antennas are suitable for modems and routers. UMTS antennas have multiple types of connectors. You can choose the type and length of cable or mount. Antenna attachment is magnetic, mounting, screw, adhesive or soldered.

UMTS is a standard that meets the requirements for 3G mobile networks. Unlike the older standard, it brought a significant increase in data transfer speed. With 3G antennas from our portfolio, you will reach speeds of up to 384 kbit/s, which is sufficient enough speed for IoT (Internet of Things) projects.

3G antennas or UMTS antennas are tuned to the frequencies 1.9-2.2 GHz, in which the 3G network is operated.

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