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RFID reader acts like a computer which sends signal to an antenna and then receives it back. It evaluates the data from RFID tags and then sends it, for example, to a cloud service or a server for further processing or analysis. Readers can differ in their performance, number of antennas they can use or in their protocols, which are used for the data evaluation.

RFID readers are widely used in various fields. They can be used in warehouses to quickly and accurately identify incoming or outgoing goods, increasing inventory efficiency and minimizing errors. In transport and logistics, they can be used to track the movement of shipments and increase the transparency of the delivery process. In security systems, RFID readers can be used to authorize and monitor the entry and exit of people from certain areas. RFID readers thus bring significant advantages and improvements in the monitoring and security of various processes.

We offer ThingMagic RFID readers.

In our range of accessories for M2M, we have a large selection RFID readers of reading and write RFID tags. We offer a wide range of accessories for M2M devices. Antennas, adapters, data and power cables, SIM card readers, batteries, consoles, brackets and more.

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