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Bluetooth modules


A wireless module is a small electronic device built into smaller devices that connects to wireless networks and is used to send and receive information and data.

Bluetooth modules are suitable for wireless communication between devices. They allow you to receive and send data via the Bluetooth interface. Bluetooth technology works just like WiFi in the 2.4 GHz band and they interfere with each other. If you own a WiFi antenna, it can also be used for Bluetooth technology.

Bluetooth modules are widely used, integrated into small, portable, energy-efficient devices. In addition to communication between mobile devices, it is used to transmit information obtained from a variety of sensors. From common ambient temperature and humidity sensors to more complex systems that detect e.g. vibrations, position, etc.

We offer modules with support of GSM, GPRS LTEGPS, GLONASS, GNSSISMRFID5G technologies and the possibility of creating your own JAVA application.

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