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GPS antennas


GPS antennas are primarily designed to receive signals in* GPS technology*, which allows you to determine the exact position on the Earth's surface using an electronic receiver connected to the antenna. Today, the abbreviation GPS generally refers to any electronic positioning system, although there are other systems such as GLONASSBeiDou or Galileo. GPS is now used in many fields of human activity and no smartphone can do without it.

GPS antennas are ideal as a car antenna for navigation, tracking devices, log books. GPS antennas have several types of connectors and the customer can choose the type and length of the cable. Antennas are magnetic, mounting, adhesive or soldered.

GPS antennas are divided into passive and active antennas. Active antennas with a built-in amplifier achieve a higher dBi gain, thanks to which the antenna has better reception and can be used in places with a lower signal.

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