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Terms and conditions

Payment terms and methods of payment

Seller reserves the right to change prices. Existing prices are confirmed by the seller to the buyer at the time of confirmation and are dependent on the assigned price range and force prices at the time of booking. If applying the same price or lower than written, fax or e-mail ordering is not re-validated by the purchaser and the goods are delivered to him as the valid price at the time of booking. If the price is higher than the price specified in the order, the Seller shall immediately inform the buyer, who may accept the new price or refuse delivery. 
Cancellation of the contract (cancellation order) - is dealt with by separate point, which can be found below in our terms and conditions. 


Price category

Each registered buyer has a set price according to the agreed categories of donations of goods. Price category D1, D10, D100 and D500 are in agreement with the merchant SECTRON Ltd. adjusted to each buyer. Additional cost advantages can be obtained through individual contract price and price categories or individual. Product prices do not include VAT. If the customer is not registered for VAT, the rate according to his country of residence will be added.


Methods of payment:

- Cash payment upon receipt of goods - cash on delivery

- Card payment made via secured GoPay payment gateway.

- Payment by bank transfer in KB. The account number is listed in the contacts. The seller is entitled to demand advance payment before delivery of up to 100% of order value. In the event that the advance is requested, a document is 'advance invoice. After delivery of the goods on the invoice value of the advance is deducted

Explanation of terms: - payment transfer - meaning the opportunity to pay our account at Commercial Bank and prior to actual delivery of goods or the supply of specified maturities under a framework agreement drawn up with SECTRON. If you choose this method of ordering the payment after the order is complete, you will be offered the documents for payment (account number, amount, variable symbol). The entire order with the following information can also be printed. The same information will arrive by electronic mail unless you specify in the order specified contact email. Method of payment goods orders indicated in the notes.

Bank Account: 
CZK: 19-6354370217/0100
EUR: CZ22 0100 0000 8651 5699 0277 , SWIFT: KOMBCZPPXXX
USD: CZ07 0100 0000 8652 6952 0247, SWIFT: KOMBCZPPXXX


Terms of delivery (delivery of goods) 

Deliveries of the subject transactions will be subject to availability of products and operational capacity of Seller made as soon as possible, usually within 2-10 working days, in exceptional cases, longer delivery time. The place is the seat of administration of the goods Communications Corporation Ltd. SECTRON


The carriage of goods and the price will be consulted individully for each destination.

Cancellation of the contract (cancellation order) in accordance with the Complaint Procedure SECTRON Ltd. 
Cancel an order from the buyer - in accordance with Act No. 367/2000 dated 14 September 2000 as a consumer you have the right to withdraw from the contract within 14 days of receipt of goods. If you decide to withdraw at this time, please respect the following conditions. When you meet them you will be refunded the purchase price: 
- Send a letter (preferably by email) to the branch which you delivered the goods with the text: 
'I want to unilaterally withdraw from the contract of DD.MM.RRRR No (order number) and is seeking repayment of the amount paid for the goods to the address (if you require a refund on the account, please provide account number).' Date and signature 
- Deliver the goods back to the address of the supplier (see Contacts) 
- Goods that you send in the warranty back to our address, must be in original undamaged package must be used, shall be undamaged and complete (including all accessories, warranty card, instructions, etc.) and original proof of purchase. Do not send cash on delivery, we recommend that you insure the goods. 
- This guarantee does not apply to consumer goods (such as video media, sound and information, battery, etc.). In the case of mobile phones to the guarantee applies only to equipment purchased separately. 
- When all of the above conditions for the return of the goods you send money for goods or by transfer to your account no later than 10 days after physical receipt of goods. 
- The failure of any of the above conditions, unfortunately we can not accept cancellation of consumer contracts and the goods will be returned at the expense of sending back

Order cancellation by the seller - the seller reserves the right to cancel the order or its part in the following cases: the goods are not produced or delivered or are significantly altered price goods suppliers. If this happens, immediately contact the seller to the buyer in order to agree on further action. In the event that the buyer paid a part or the whole amount of the purchase price, this amount will be transferred back to his account or address as soon as possible.

Liability for defective goods, warranty

Buyer shall inspect goods immediately upon receipt. If damage is detected, the certified record of the damage and the seller is obliged to provide a reasonable discount from the supply or deliver another perfect product. Later claims of mechanical damage of the product can no longer recognize. Before first use, the purchaser is required to read the warranty terms, including the Czech operating instructions, and then consistently manage this information. 
Conformity with the contract, liability for defective goods, warranty - 1 January 2003 entry into force of an amendment to the Civil Code, which extends the warranty period for consumer goods from six months to two years, but may be a statement of the guarantee card provided long. The transitional provisions that products manufactured prior to 2003 is the end of 2003 can be sold with a six-month guarantee period. But we must be aware of the customer explicitly and must be stated on the guarantee card or proof of purchase. The warranty does not cover normal wear and tear stuff (or its components) caused by use. Shorter product life is therefore not considered a fault and can not even complain. 
The warranty period for all persons using the product for the business of this product, there is no Civil Code and it sets a specific manufacturer or importer. 
In the event that the matter on receipt of the buyer is not in conformity with the contract (the so-called conflict with the contract), the buyer has the right to the seller free of charge and without undue delay, put the product in the corresponding purchase contract, and according to buyers, either exchanging or repairing the absence of such a procedure possible, the buyer may request a reasonable discount from the purchase price or withdraw from the contract. This does not apply if the buyer for breach of contract knew or conflict with the contract he has caused. Conflict with the contract, which will take effect within six months of receipt of the matter is considered to have already existed in its takeover, if not in the nature of the case or if it is proven otherwise. In the case of non-conformity the consumer shall be entitled to redress, and called it: 
- Indication of free consumer goods into conformity by repair contract 
- A proportionate reduction of the purchase price 
- Replacement of the goods 
- Rescission of the contract

First, the consumer may require the seller to repair or replacement free of consumer goods. Buyer has the right to trade in goods only, unless given the disproportionate nature of the defect. Whether the fault is proportional to decide an authorized service center and of a written assessment of the defect. In that case, the goods will be exchanged for same item or refund the amount paid back. 
Law of liability for defects are applied to the seller, in which the case was purchased. However, if the warranty certificate given by another trader to repair, which is at the seller or the buyer at the close, the buyer exercises the right to correct the business intended to carry out warranty repairs. If it is not possible to provide a correction in this way, the seller shall repair. List of service centers is usually given in warranty, on a separate annex to the Internet server, eventually. it shall notify the seller.

Privacy Policy

SECTRON s.r.o. a server operator, is committed to the following. 
We respect your privacy. We can offer a valuable service, we need to know some of your personal data. This data protect against misuse. 
The data you enter during registration 
As a customer you when your registration include the following. If you are an individual, these are: 
- Name 
- A full postal address 
- Telephone or fax

This information is necessary to identify you as the buyer. We use it to implement a debit your payment for goods purchased, in order to correct the supply of goods and to communicate with you. 
If you require delivery of orders to a different address than the above, you can specify an alternative delivery address. If you buy a legal person, should (a) you give the following information about the company: 
- Company name 
- A full postal address 
- Telephone or fax 
- ID 
- Nr 
- Banking

These data will allow us to make the necessary financial transactions, prepare tax documents usually required by both parties, or to identify your payment made by bank transfer. 
Details about your business 
Details of your purchases (required to ensure the supply of goods, handling complaints, etc.) are stored in a secure database and not disclosed to third parties. 
What is our position to provide your personal information to other companies? 
Your personal data are confidential and not given any subjects. 
SECTRON appreciate your trust and protect your private data from being misused. We collect this information so that we improve the quality of our services. Not given to third parties. 
Your Consent 
Using the Internet sShpou consent to the collection and use of information about you and your purchases. Rules for handling such data are described in this document. If in future they change, will detail the new rules published on this site, so you will have the opportunity to learn about them.

The privacy policy and information for data subjects are listed in a separate document Privacy Policy here

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