We offer RFID antennas suitable for a wide range of applications. RFID antennas can be used in applications for non-contact, radio-frequency identification of objects, goods and people. The functionality and range of the RFID antenna is determined in particular by its type, the selected operating frequency and the transmission power of the reader.

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Antenna RFID 7.5

Antenna RFID 7.5" Monostatic Wideband (RTNC) [TM-ANT-WB-6]

Vysoce výkonná nízkonákladová anténa čtečky RFID

Prices on request
Antenna RFID 12

Antenna RFID 12" Monostatic Wideband (RTNC) [TM-ANT-WB-12]

High performance low cost RFID reader antenna

Prices on request

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