Charging cable - Type 2 / Type 2, Mennekes, 3x16A, 400V, 10m

Item code: EL-T2T2-3F16A-10M /EAN: 0764460248890 /Manufacturer: SECTRON

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We supply the cables with a connector in black or white, without the option of choosing, according to stock.

Ultra light charging cable for charging electric cars, length 10 m

If you have purchased an electric car, a correct and high-quality power cable is the part of equipment that will provide you with comfortable charging of your car, both from the comfort of your home and at public charging stations. The ultra light charging cable is the only one on the market that excels in low weight. This makes the cable is easy to handle and easy to store. The charging cable is intended for charging a car with a Type 2 / Type 2 connector. It is therefore a type of Mennekes connector. When choosing a new cable, the length of the cable is also important, which will make it easier for you to handle the cable in the garage or public parking lot. This specific cable has a cable length of 10 m.

Three-phase charging cable designed for charging electric vehicles with a maximum current of 16 A and an output of 11 kW.

The EV cable is a type of flexible cable for connecting an electric vehicle to a charging station equipped with Type 2 / Mennekes connectors. It is made of high quality copper with excellent conductive properties. The insulating material of the TPE cable is soft and has high strength.

Charging cable parameters:

- Cable: 5×2,5mm² + 1×0.5 mm² 
- The length of the charging cable is 10 m
- Rated current: 16 A
- The maximum charging power:11 kW
- Operating voltage: 230/400 V AC
- Vehicle connector: Type 2 IEC62196-2 Female plug (DSIEC2e-EV32P)
- Charger connector: Type 2 IEC62196-2 Male plug (DSIEC2b-EV32P)
- Number of signal contacts 2 (CP, PP)
- Signal contacts: 2 A / 30 V AC
- Rubber connector cover
- Operating temperature: -30 °C ~ 50 °C
- Weight: 3.9 kg
- Standard IEC62196
- IP54 protection


Normy: IEC62196 Operational temperature: -30 °C do 50 °C
Stupeň ochrany: IP54

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