Robustel Router LG5100-CAB-4L-A06GL

Item code: GM-LG5100-4L-LORA9 /Manufacturer: Robustel /PRODUCT CODE: B092703

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Robustel Gateway LG5100 (LG5100-CAB-4L-A06GL)

Gateway LG5100 with the computing power on the device’s side. This means that data processing and storage take place directly in the device. The new device removes the obstacles that come with the transfer of large amounts of information to the cloud storage, where the data is collected and processed. The relevant information is then sent further to the centralized storage. Thanks to the powerful processor, the new Robustel IoT Smart Edge Gateway processes the data directly in itself and then it sends only the relevant data further.

The LG5100 industrial gateway provides mobile connectivity in global 4G/3G/2G networks and frequencies for LoRaWAN networks. It is equipped with a full-fledged Debian 11 (bullseye) operating system, which supports thousands of existing or new applications based on the ARMv7 architecture (compatible with Raspberry Pi ) and Docker container management software, which ensures the isolation of applications into containers in macOS, Linux and Windows environments.

Another advantage is the RobustOS Pro operating system with a unified GUI for easy application deployment and enhanced cyber security and a myriad of software features including Smart Roaming, SMS remote control and more. The Gateway LG5100 also supports VPN, which enables a secure connection to the Internet and security of data transmission between the device and the target network.

The Robustel LG5100 has a 792 MHz ARM Cortex-A7 processor, 512 MB RAM and 8 GB eMMC flash. LG5100 can be used as a combination of mobile router and embedded PC in all industrial areas.

The LG5100 can be connected to the free RCMS service, which enables monitoring and remote control of Robustel routers.

Key Features Robustel LG5100-CAB-4L-A06GL:

• Use of a highly stable mobile connection for global coverage
• Cellular, GPS, WiFi and Bluetooth 5.3 modules
• 2x RS232/RS485 ports for connection to industrial devices
• 2x DI and 2x DO simple monitoring and control
• LoRa Frequency 915 MHz
• Two SIM card slots for more back-up communication options
• Wide operating temperature range, ideal for industrial applications
• It supports C, C++, Java, Python and it gives the users the ability to develop their own applications
• Access to over 50,000 applications from the Debian data warehouse
• Access to VPN options such as Wireguard, IPsec and OpenVPN
• Modbus TCP and RTU to support transmission to cloud platforms
• Robustel's RCMS platform for effective remote management of a larger number of devices

More information can be found in the attached datasheet.

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