Thales Gemalto Cinterion EXS82-W Rel. 1.1 DevKit (L30960-N0131-A100)

Item code: GM-EXS82-W-DEVKIT /Manufacturer: Gemalto a Thales company /PRODUCT CODE: L30960-N0131-A100

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Product Cinterion EXS82-W Rel. 1.1 DevKit has EOL (End of Life) status. Last time order/buy.

Thales Gemalto Cinterion EXS82-W Rel. 1.1 DevKit

Thales Gemalto Cinterion EXS82-W DevKit is an easily configurable development kit supplied with the Cinterion EXS82-W module. The EXS82-W wireless module ensures a highly efficient NB-IoT mobile connection.

For testing and development purposes, it is no longer necessary to purchase development kits separately for individual modules. DevKit EXS82-W can work independently without the need to connect any other tools or devices.

Specifications and benefits:

 • Easy commissioning of the module without the need for additional components
 • Supports DSB75 / DSB-Mini as a port expander
 • Direct access to the complete interrupt module signal for in-depth testing
 • Measurement of the actual current consumption of the module, without losses and interference
 • Powered via USB or external device (eg DSB75 / DSB-Mini)
 • Adjustable power level of the module level 3.1–4.2 V
 • Other supported interfaces: ASC1, GPIO
 • Easy concept for use and signaling
 • QR code scanning allows the user to access all the information needed for use

Key features of the module:

 • LTE Cat. M1, LTE Cat. NB1, LTE Cat. NB2
 • Class 5 20 dBm
 • Extended operation: 2.6 V to 4.8 V (output power limitation)
 • 2 serial interfaces
 • USB interface
 • I2C and ADC interface
 • SPI interface

More information can be found in the attached datasheet.

The Thales Group is, among other fields, a major manufacturer of Gemalto Cinterion wireless modules and the world leader in encryption and digital security as a manufacturer of payment and identification card chips. SECTRON is a European authorized distributor of Gemalto.


LTE zone: 800/900/1800/2100/2600 MHz LTE speed (Mbps): 1/1
Power supply: 3.1 – 4.2 V Number of SIM cards: 1x
Extension: Real module current consumption measurement / Powered via USB Technology : LTE Cat. M1 / LTE Cat. NB1 / LTE Cat. NB2

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