Adaptor CEE 5pin 32A - CEE 5pin 16A IP44

Item code: EL-CEE5-3F16A-32A /Manufacturer: SECTRON

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Adapter for connecting the mobile SECTRON AC CHARGER 32A to the CEE 5pin 32A-16A adapter

Have you bought an electric car and wonder how to charge it? You can’t use Wallbox or find it an expensive solution? We offer you our smart charger with charging power regulation and  CEE 5-pin 32A 400V. We have also prepared a number of adapters for this charger that allow you to charge your car almost everywhere.

Do you have a 400 V 16A socket at home and the accessories for your car have a 32 A connector? A simple solution is the CEE 5pin 32A-16A adapter, which you connect to our CEE 5-pin 32A 400V mobile charger (SECTRON AC CHARGER mobile wallbox). Get this adapter and you won’t have to laboriously remodel the wall socket.

SET adapter with mobile SECTRON AC CHARGER will adapt charging from the 16 A socket to the vehicle with the Type 2 socket - Mennekes.

With this equipment, the possibilities for charging your electric car will be expanded to anywhere where there is a 3-phase socket with adequate protection.

With this adapter, you can change the positions of the pins by turning the rotating part 180 degrees. This will achieve phase changes.


• Degree of protection IP 44 resistant to dust and splash water
• Rated voltage 400 V
• Three-phase 5-pin 16A CEE plug
• Three-phase 5-pin 32A CEE socket

Before charging, check with the operator about the value of the circuit breaker and the available current, which you can set on the SECTRON AC CHARGER mobile wallbox using the current limiting function. To schedule charging at night, please use the delayed start function.

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The SECTRON AC Charger is an essential accessory for all cars with a Type 2 (Mennekes) connector, which uses charging from a socket using a CEE 5-pin connector.

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