Antenna LTE/GPS/WiFi MIMO Screw Mount E604LW, 4x FAKRA(f), 4x LMR100/4.5m

Item code: AO-AKOM-E604LGWM-4F /Manufacturer: SECTRON

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Combined screw mount MIMO antenna

Combined screw mount MIMO antenna designed for LTE/GPS/WiFi signal reception.
MIMO technology is a method of increasing the capacity of a radio link by using multiple transmitting and receiving antennas, which mainly use multipath propagation, thus achieving higher throughput and lower transmission error rate.

The antenna operates in the bands 698‐960/1710‐2690;1575.42;2400‐2483.5/4900‐5825 MHz. It is suited for cellular routers, terminals, navigation and RF devices. The IP67 degree of protection makes it suitable for outdoor use. The antenna has a threaded nut for fixed mounting. As an example, it is ideal for placing on the roof of a vehicle. The antenna is supplied with four 1.5 m .100 cables with FAKRA (f) connectors.

Cable specifications .100:

The .100 coaxial cable is compatible with connectors applicable to 2.8 mm cable outer diameters, such as SMA Male, TNC Male, N Male, N Female. It is mainly used for the frequency range 0-6 GHz. The characteristic impedance is 50 Ω and the operating temperature range is -40 ° C to + 85 ° C. The .100 cable is used to connect antennas as well as VHF and UHF applications. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor applications.

Connector specifications FAKRA:

Fakra connectors in a plastic housing. These housings are available in 14 different colors for easy identification. The characteristic impedance of the connector is 50 Ohm, working frequency ranges up to 6 GHz, working temperature is from -40 °C to 105 °C. Fakra connectors are most often used in the automotive industry, for example for connecting antennas, radios, navigation. They are also widely used in M2M and IoT devices. Connecting and disconnecting Fakra connectors is easy, we guarantee up to 25 cycles.

Technical parameters can be found in the attached datasheet.


Certifikace: RoHS impendance: 50 Ohm
Cable: .100 Connector: FAKRA(f)
Material: ABS Maximum input power: 10 W max.
Input voltage: 3.0 V - 5 V DC Polarization: Linear / R.H.C.P
Execution: External Operational temperature: -40 °C - +85 °C
Dimensions: 110.0 x 80.0 mm Directivity: Omni-directional / Directional
Protection rating: IP67 Technology : LTE / GPS / WiFi
VSWR: <1.7:1 / <2.0:1 / <1.6:1 GAIN: 3 dBi / 28±2 dBi / 2 dBi

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