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We offer accessories for electromobility and charging electric cars. We focus on quality portable chargers, charging cables, wallboxes, and also on stand-alone AC and DC charging stations.

For charging at home or as equipment in your trunk, you can use a practical portable AC charger powered by a standard three-phase 400V electrical outlet. As an accessory to this charger, we also offer adaptors that extend the possibility of connecting the charger to other types of sockets, for example campsites or standard 230V Schuko sockets.

Charging via Wallbox is suitable in small and medium-sized companies and house garages as well.

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Charging cables with Typ2 Mennekes plugs are right equipment for your vehicle for charging at public stations equipped with a Typ2 Menekkes socket, for example at park spots in hotel resorts, restaurants or amusement parks.

For company solutions where you have your fleet of electric vehicles and you need to recharge them quick, we offer large AC or DC charging stations.

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