High-frequency cable adaptor with SMA and U.FL connectors

It is a high-frequency cable adaptor (so-called pigtail) which works in a maximum frequency of oscillation range of 4 GHz (Wifi, Bluetooth, GPS, GSM). Even though the SMA connector is designed for much higher frequencies of oscillation.

Cable antenna reducer AM-67-US10

The adaptor consists of two connectors - SMA(f) and U.FL(f). The SMA(f) connector includes an O-ring that ensures IP protection against water and dust. It works in up to 18 GHz frequency of oscillation with a typical impedance of 50 Ω. Among the positive aspects of this connector there is the
high-frequency range and low VSWR (<1.5:1). The SMA connector is the most widely used due to its reliability, long life and electrical properties.

SMA(f) connector detail

The other side of the cable adaptor is mounted with a U.FL(f) coaxial connector with a gold-plated middle conductor, which improves the properties. The connector has low insertion loss and also low VSWR (<1.4:1) just like the SMA(f) connector. Miniature U.FL connectors are most used there where is little space.

U.FL(f) connector detail

Both connectors are connected by a coaxial cable LP 040 with a length of 10 cm and a diameter of 0.81 mm. The cable with a classical impedance of 50 Ω has small dimensions and it is ideal for use in places that require high-frequency transmission using small coaxial connections.

This AM-67-US10 adaptor is used most often to output the RF signal from the module (U.FL) placed inside the device, to the panel SMA (m) connector for connecting an external antenna to routers, modems and other high-frequency devices.

For 27 years, the SECTRON company has been producing cable adaptors and extensions according to our customers‘ requirements. Using the simple Configurator of cable adaptors you can design a tailor-made adaptor. Feel free to contact us with your questions by phone or email at

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