Lightning arrestor - N(m)/N(f)

Item code: XGSM-LARREST /Manufacturer: SECTRON

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Lightning arrestor - N(m)/N(f)

A lightning arrester is a device that protects electrical equipment and devices from damage by electrical surge and direct and indirect lightning strikes.

Compatible with N(m) and N(f) RF connectors.

Reliable lightning arrester is designed for broadband use 0-6 GHz, insulation resistance is ≥ 10000 MΩ.


• Frequency range:  0-6 GHz
• VSWR:  1:1.25
• Insertion loss:  0.8 dBi
• Impedance:  50 Ω
• Insulation resistance:  ≥ 10000 MΩ
• Max withstand current:  20 A
• Gas tube impulse breakdown voltage:  ≤ 700 V
 Tolerance on the breakdown voltage:  DC 230 V ± 20% 
• RF power rating:  15 W

Technical parameters can be found in the attached datasheet.


Frequency: DC~6.0 GHz Impedance: 50 Ohm
Connector: N (m) / N (f) Maximum current: 5 kA
Penetrative volatge DC: 90 V +15% Penetrative impulsive voltage: 1000 V
Input decline: 0.8 dB Max.@ DC~6.0 GHz VSWR: 1.25 : 1 Max.@ DC~4.0 GHz 1.45 : 1 Max.@ 4.0~6.0 GHz

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