New WiFi router TCR100 from Teltonika Networks

Teltonika Networks has become a leader in wireless connectivity over the last few years. She has now put her rich experience into a brand new WiFi device, the TCR100, which is designed for use in homes or small businesses. It will be on sale during the month of February 2022.

Brand new desing

Teltonika Networks has replaced the industrial design of routers with the aesthetics of the much more practical TCR100. Users get the same robust construction, but in the form of a elegant new case that but in the form of a sleek new case that that blends perfectly with any home interior design. The TCR100 has two connections for external antennas, a SIM card slot, two Ethernet ports and a 4-pin DC connector. With the available features, this router will certainly be enough to set up your home IoT.

To make using the TCR100 even easier for clients, a Wi-Fi button has been added to allow you to easily turn the wireless network on and off, and a Wi-Fi Protected Setup button for those who find entering passwords a problem. The indicator lights on the router can provide all the information about your network status at a glance, so you don't need to open any interfaces or log in. If you want to see the new design of the TCR100, watch the introductory video from Teltonika.

Industrial level connectivity at home

One of the things Teltonika Networks has learned is that industrial IoT solutions usually need to accommodate many devices, all connected to the same network. Most home routers can only support 32 devices, which limits the freedom and imagination of working on a home IoT solution. That's why the TCR100 can have more than 50 smart devices and gadgets connected to a single network. You can be sure that everyone will have a fast internet connection, because this mobile home router has 4G LTE- Advanced enabling speeds up to 300 Mbps over LTE and Dual-band Wi-Fi. As wired connection can be sometimes spotty, even in cities, LTE becomes a great alternative to increase your connectivity. With 4G LTE-A technology you can use TCR100 as a primary or a backup connectivity source.

Just as an industrial setting needs advanced protection, Teltonika Networks sees no reason why your home should be an exception. Another thing that the TCR100 offers is a large number of security options. The TCR100 has a preconfigured firewall, flexible packet access control, TCP, UDP, ICMP and many other security features. This new home cellular router perfectly balances performance, reliability and flexibility. If you are interested in all the technical details that the TCR100 offers, then visit the product page for an extensive list of all available features. 

Safe and simple  to set up home network with TCR100

Highly customized secure home network with TCR100

The TCR100, like all Teltonika Networks products, uses the RutOS operating system. It is easy and understandable even for beginners, but offers several configuration options for those with more extensive technical knowledge. In addition, Teltonika Networks regularly updates the firmware, fixes possible future issues and ensures that all users receive the latest features.

The Teltonika TCR100 home cellular router is an excellent choice for upgrading your home network. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the hotline.

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