Olife Energy Stand charging station DC 20kW - cable CCS, 4m

Item code: EL-DC20 /Manufacturer: Olife Energy

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Olife Energy Stand charging station DC 20kW

The DC fast charging station for electric cars charges up to 20 kW. The charging station is directly connected to the traction battery of the electric car and controls the entire charging process. The power electronics are located directly in the stand (no additional stands are required for outputs up to 120 kW).

Olife Energy The DC 20 kW free-standing charging station has an IP54 degree of protection and is designed for outdoor use. It is available in a stand-alone stand design. This station is equipped with one cable with a CCS2 connector.

Optionally, a Type 2/22 kW AC socket and a cable with a CHAdeMO connector can also be added.

The station is fully compatible with the OlifeEnergy Cloud service for remote monitoring, control, station control and power regulation. It can also be controlled using RFID cards or a mobile application, or via the OCPP protocol. You can control the performance of all charging stations remotely.

The fast DC charging station is suitable for operation in company car parks, petrol stations, shopping malls and in places with high penetration of electric cars.

Specifications of DC charging station 20kW:

• Mode: single
• Form: outside IP45 -freestanding charger
• Connection to EV: cable with plug (IEC 62196-3)
• Charging mode: IEC 61851-1, type C
• DC output: CCS2 / CHAdeMO - IEC 61851-24
• AC output (optional): Type 2 socket/cable with plug
• Control: local – automatic charging, RFID / remote – OlifeEnergy Cloud(RFID, smartphone app.) / OCPP 1.6 (2.0.1)
• AC inlet: AC 3 + N + PE 400 V 50 Hz, TN-S / AC 3 + PEN 400 V 50 Hz, TN-C
• Input current (max., without AC option): 3 x 38 A for each 20 kW of output power
• Input voltage (max.): 1000 VAC
• Output current (max.): 67 A for each 20 kW of output power
• Charging cable length: 4 m
• Communication: OlifeEnergy Cloud, OCPP-J, 1.6, 2.0
• Data connection: Ethernet, USB (GSM, Wi-Fi)
• Temperature range: -30 °C to 50 °C
• Humidity: 5 % to 95 %
• Dimensions: 2000 x 560 x 380 mm
• Weight: 110 kg


The RFID module (included)

The RFID reader allows user authorisation using common key cards or chips (entrance cards, client cards, etc.) Specific RFID cards can be stored in the memory of the charger and added on demand. Optional remote configuration is also available via the SmartCharge module.

Remote monitoring

Basic service for remote communication with the charging station. The user is informed about status and energy consumption - including historical data. The Remote Monitoring Service includes free presentation of the charging station in the OlifeEnergy Net charging network.

Access control

This service allows management of RFID user chips and smartphone application user management. A List of all individual charging sessions (user, time and consumed energy) data is available to the charging station owner with this service.

Power control

A load balancing service for advanced control of the charging station. If there is not enough power to charge the E.V., or E.V. fleet, consumption of the charging station(s)can be managed based on specific maximum with draw limits (weak grid) or dynamically (based on maximum consumption of the building in a certain time frame). 

SmartCharge module (hardware included)

A smart computing unit which allows the charger to communicate with the OlifeEnergy Cloud or other OCCPserver. The SmartCharge module provides remote communication (LAN, GSM), charging station diagnostics and monitoring, smartphone app control and also advanced control of maximum input power.

Payment system

This service allows the OlifeEnergy charging station owner to set the fee for station operation. The Charging Station is advertised in Olife Energy Net charging network.

Technical parameters can be found in the attached datasheet.


Datové připojení: Ethernet / USB (GSM / Wi-Fi) Operational temperature: -30 °C do 50 °C
Provozní vlhkost: 5 % do 95 % Stupeň ochrany: IP54

Hotline: 599 509 599

International business: +420 556 621 020,

Hotline: 599 509 599

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