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RF adaptors


The cable adaptor connects (pigtail) to a port or interface and connects one device to another. For example, connecting a wireless module with an antenna connector on the terminal box. Most connectors are either male (includes a pin) or female (with a hole to which the male connector can be inserted). Also, the connectors at the ends vary according to the needs of the particular application.

Try our Cable Adaptors Configurator and design a customized coaxial cable reducer.

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The RF connectors are further divided into straight, angled and others according to the parameters according to the needs of mounting and properties. We offer BNC, FAKRA, FME, GSC, HFL, IPEX-MHX, MC CARD, MCX, MCX-RP, MMCX, N, SMA, SMA-RP, SMB, SMP, TNC, U.FL connectors.

Cable adaptors (pigtails) can range from a few centimeters to tens of centimeters. 

Below, you can find the best-selling cable adaptors of our own production. Based on your requirements we will design and manufacture the necessary cable adaptors for your project. 

SECTRON has been producing tailor-made cable adaptors (pigtails) for 27 years!  

With our simple Cable Adaptor Configurator, you can design an adaptor exactly for you. Or contact us directly. We are ready to design the right cable and connectors according to your specifications. 

Advantages of SECTRON production  

Exceptional quality/cost ratio of the produced cable RF adaptorsThat is the most important part for usImportant is also our output check of each product before shipment to a customerWe are continuously checking electrical and mechanical properties of products during production. 
Constant effort is also shown to improve electrical and mechanical properties of products by introducing new types of connectors and coaxial cables or by modifying manufacturing procedures. Particular emphasis is put on the mechanical resistance of the connectors against tugging, jamming or turning of the center contact. For the best possible quality in flexible cable adjustment, we use Schleuniger Stripping Machines. The high quality of brazed joints is achieved thanks to stereoscopic microscopes used for every soldering. 

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