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Robustel R3000 and its use

Robustel routers are now known in more than 100 countries. One of these routers is R3000, known for its durable design and high connection stability achieved using two SIM cards. Of course, you can not forget about other things like 4G network support or simple management via web or cloud platform RobustLink.

But what is the router good for in practice?

Contactless payment systems are becoming more and more the standard payment method today. This system is slowly getting to the parking spaces. Here these routers have already been applied in several countries. Payment systems need constant connection to the payment system, and due to the need for encryption and almost immediate response, a high data rate must be ensured at the same time. Furthermore, routers must withstand enviromental influences such as frost or humidity.

As a result, the Router R3000 turned out to be one of the best solutions for this situation. The automated parking machines equipped with this device were able to transmit data even when a truck was parked next to them, thus solving the biggest of the problems previously encountered.

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