SECTRON 2G converter (powered from the outlet)

Item code: GM-SC-P-2G /Manufacturer: SECTRON

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SECTRON 2G converter

The 2G converter is powered from the network and collects data from sensors, which it further processes into the SECTRON Cloud service. In other words, it creates an imaginary bridge between the sensors and the cloud itself. It also serves as a buffer which provides a location for storing data in the event of a network failure to prevent any gaps in the measured data. After reconnecting, it sends all this stored data back to the cloud and automatically fills in the data failure.

In many cases, sensor data can be unreliable or affected by different factors. Converters have the ability to pre-process data and send clean and filtered one without unnecessary waste of the data package, which is always significantly limited in the case of IoT devices.

Key properties:

• Reading data from the sensor
• Data processing (saving a data package)
• Uploading data to the cloud
• Local data storage in case of network failure

Sensor options:

• Air quality sensor - dust particles: PM1 (calculated), PM2.5, PM4, PM10
• Acoustic sensor
• Level sensor
• Meteorological sensors (pressure, wind direction and speed, humidity and precipitation)
• Temperature sensor (indoor and outdoor)

Technical Specifications:

• Frequency bands - GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
• Communication speed - 85.6 / 42.8 (kbps)
• User interface - RS-232, USB
• Operating temperature range -30°C to +65°C
• Storage temperature range -40°C to +85°C
• Supply voltage 8-30 V AC / DC
• Level of protection IP40

SECTRON recommends to buy the following accessories:

AM-RT-POWR - Power supply 12V / 1A, RJ12 connector
AO-AGSM-SMVS - Antenna GSM Stick 180°, Dual-band, 2dBi, SMA(m)
AO-AGSM-SMVS1 - Antenna GSM Stick 180°, 2dBi, SMA(m)
AO-AUMTS-G402S - Antenna UMTS/GSM 402, Stick 90°/180°, 2 dBi, SMA(m)

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