SECTRON NB-IoT sensory analog converter

Item code: GM-SC-P-NB-A /Manufacturer: SECTRON

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NB-IoT sensory analog converter

A converter that converts the analog signal from sensors in the range of 4 ~ 20mA / 0-5V - which are fed to the NB-IOT input of the converter - to an analog signal that can be processed by the cloud platform. The purpose of the device is to collect data from the sensor using standardized interfaces. It then processes and sends this data to the SECTRON cloud service using the UDP protocol and the NB-IoT network.

The NB-IoT converter is powered by 3 AAA batteries and remotely collects analog input values via the NB-IOT wireless network. In case of exceeding the set limit values, it immediately sends alarm information to the cloud platform.


• Compatible with an analog input
• Supports sending data using UDP protocols (CoAP)
• Very low power consumption, small size
• Battery voltage monitoring
• Industrial NB-IOT module
• Supports timed or alarm sending
• Waterproof cover PCBA or IP67, suitable for outdoor use
• Functional temperature range -55 to 125 ℃

SECTRON Cloud in combination with the given sensors can be used, for example, for monitoring water level, air quality, temperature and other variables.

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