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SECTRON SMS Gateway is a device that allows sending short text messages (SMS) using a simple SECTRON Cloud application. You can send a text message with three clicks. You can also create text templates in the SMS gateway, create a phone book for users, create user groups and use bulk messaging. An excellent function SECTRON SMS Gateway allows, is to create one SMS template with variable parameters and use it to send different information to each client.

Streamline and speed up your company's communication with your customers. SMS Gateway is a tailor-made solution that ensures that your client receives important information on time. You can use information messages in any field.

Sending an SMS is the most effective way to communicate, as 90% of all SMS are read within 3 minutes.

 Through the SMS gateway you inform your customers, for example about:

• the dispatch of the ordered goods
• the status of the order
• the status of the complaint
• the repair status of, for example, your watch
• the date of the appointment at the doctor
• the date of the hairdresser's visit
• the timely date of the vehicle inspection at the MOT, or regular service

Advantages of SECTRON SMS Gateway:

• used to send SMS messages
• sending messages is possible to individuals, or you can use bulk sending for an unlimited number of people
• works on the basis of a cloud service, making it accessible from anywhere and from any device with an Internet browser (phone, tablet,  laptop, PC)
• you can simply create a contact list
• creating text templates
• users can be grouped and then filtered accordingly
• a system of variables can be inserted into the text message, which will allow you to write one message for the whole group of users, but with different values (eg price, date of collection of goods, order number, etc.)
• quickly import contacts using a .csv file
• quick search
• character counter and automatic division of SMS into several messages (if the number of allowed characters is exceeded)

You don't need a complicated solution to improve your communication! No expensive gate from an operator. All you need is a small smart box SECTRON SMS GATE and SECTRON Cloud app.

The package includes an antenna, power supply, manual. The SECTRON Cloud application must be purchased on a subscription basis.
The package does not include the operator's SIM card. Carrange a suitable tariff from your operator in the combination of SMS + Data services. The amount of data transfered varies according to the number of sent SMS in the range of 50-100 MB / month.

By purchasing the SMS Gateway, you will receive 3 months cloud service after registering your device for FREE.

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