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Teltonika devices have obtained the AWS IoT Core certification

The list of Teltonika Networks devices with the AWC IoT Core certification has increased in number to 26. Fourteen new 4G routers and 8 IoT gateways, including the TRB500 5G gateway, have been added to the four Wi-Fi so far certified routers, including the RUTX50 5G router.

The list of certified AWS IoT Core devices now includes 26 devices with the Teltonika logo. We can find on that list all mobile gateways and almost all routers from the Teltonika portfolio. Only the models RUT901 and RUT906 are missing.

What is AWS IoT Core?

AWS IoT Core (AWS means Amazon Web Services) is a managed cloud service that simply connects network devices to cloud applications and ensures their mutual secure communication.

The certification of Teltonika products means that these routers and gateways are compatible with the AWS IoT Core cloud service and users can reliably use these products in their projects. Thereby, AWS recognizes these devices as reliable and fully functional.

List of devices with the AWS IoT Core certification


  • TCR100
  • RUT200
  • RUT240
  • RUT241
  • RUT300
  • RUT360
  • RUT950
  • RUT951
  • RUT955
  • RUT956
  • RUTXR1
  • RUTX08
  • RUTX09
  • RUTX10
  • RUTX11
  • RUTX12
  • RUTX14
  • RUTX50


  • TRB140
  • TRB141
  • TRB142
  • TRB143
  • TRB145
  • TRB245
  • TRB255
  • TRB500

The RUT901 and RUT906 routers are not certified.

Teltonika products can be ordered via the categories Industrial routers and Gateways.

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