Thales Gemalto Cinterion ELS62-E (L30960-N7310-A100)

Item code: GM-ELS62-E /Manufacturer: Gemalto a Thales company /PRODUCT CODE: L30960N7310A100

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Thales Gemalto Cinterion ELS62-E

Thales Gemalto Cinterion ELS62-E is a wireless 4G module from that provides connectivity with 2G network backup. Possibility to connect LTE Cat.1 bis and Dual-Band GSM. This module supports voice services with VoLTE and CSFB and offers DL transmission speeds: max. 10 Mbit / s and UL: max. 5 Mbit / s.

The module offers optimal speed and stable coverage for use in IoT applications such as security systems, smart metering and more. For the classic LTE cat.1 standard requires the connection of 2 receiving antennas, in the case of Cat.1bis only one antenna is enough. The module offers very advanced security features such as Secure Boot, secure communication via TLS 1.3 / DTLS 1.2, secure mode, secure keystore, secure debug interfaces, firmware encryption and secure credential preloading. The industrial design offers long life and stability of 4G networks and continuous coverage in areas where LTE is not available.

Module Cinterion ELS62-E is available for region EMEA.

You can read more about the Cinterion ELS62 module on our blog.

Key Features:

• Frequency bands: LTE: Band 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 8, 20, 28, 66
                                           TDD LTE: Bands 38, 40, 41
                                           GSM Dual Band: 900, 1800 MHz
• Voice services with VoLTE and CSFB
• Interface: USB, digital audio interface (PCM and I2S), dual SIM (built-in SIM card option), SPI, I2C, GPIO
• Certification: GCF, RED, RCM, Anatel, RoHS, CCC, SRRC, NAL, CTIA
• Dimensions: 27.6 x 25.4 x 2.2 mm

The Thales Group is, among other fields, a major manufacturer of Gemalto Cinterion wireless modules and the world leader in encryption and digital security as a manufacturer of payment and identification card chips. SECTRON is a European authorized distributor of Gemalto.

Technical parameters can be found in the attached datasheet.


Certifikace: GCF / RED / UKCA / ROHS / RCM / Anatel / CCC / SRRC / NAL LTE zone: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz
LTE speed (Mbps): 10.2/5.2 Number of SIM cards: 2x (1x eSIM)
Extension: Cinterion® IoT Suite Services / SDK Technology : LTE cat. 1

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