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Item code: TM-IZ6-EU /Manufacturer: JADAK A Novanta Company /PRODUCT CODE: PLT-RFID-IZ6-EU

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ThingMagic RFID Reader IZAR

ThingMagic IZAR is a compact, programmable, 4-port RAIN UHD RFID network-attached reader with both read and write capability.

State-the-art performance of over 750 tag reads per second allows ThingMagic IZAR to be used in a wide variety of applications, such as retail, transportation, and medical customers. This UHF RFID finished reader is ideal for customers who need to implement a high-performing RFID system while minimizing engineering costs, as it is ready to use out-of-the-box and easy to integrate when design resources are limited. With output power levels of up to +31.5 dBm and high receiver sensitivity, this powerful reader allows on-reader applications and processes, increasing efficiency and eliminating the need for additional processors, reducing customer design time.


• Dimensions: 194 mm L × 139 mm W × 33.6 mm H
• 4 Antenna Ports Provides Improved Read Coverage
• Built Around Proven ThingMagic Technology
• User-friendly web interface included in software
• Broadest Range of Operating Temperatures for Both Indoor and Sheltered Outdoor Environments
• ThingMagic Universal Reader Assistant and Mercury API Shortens Testing and Development Process
• Optional RAINstream to Allow Direct Transfer of Tag Data to Backend Systems Via Several Alternative Protocols


• Portals
• In-Vehicle
• Warehouse & Supply Chain
• Inventory Monitoring
• Access Control

Powerful Processor

ThingMagic IZAR is embedded with a powerful ARM Cortex processor running the Linux Operating System (OS), and generous amounts of DDR and FLASH memory, allowing complex on-reader programs to be written with the aid of JADAK’s custom Mercury APl SDK. For those who simply need a data stream over network or serial interfaces, JADAK offers the proprietary RAIN stream application.


ThingMagic IZAR supports the entire suite of RAIN UHF RFID tag functionality, including Gen2V2 security. It also supports custom features from a wide variety of tag vendors, enhancing functionality for specialized applications. Optional, non-RAIN tag protocols are also available, including ISO 18000-6B, IP-X and AEI ATA (transportation).

RAINstream Compatible

All settings, including those for RAINstream, can be configured via a web interface sourced by the reader. This interface also permits the administrator to view status, upgrade firmware, run diagnostic tests, and test reading ability.

Common Language

Mercury API, ThingMagic’s universal programming interface, permits easy software portability across the entire ThingMagic product line – between finished readers and embdedded modules.

Multiple Data Interfaces

Control and data gathering connections to ThingMagic IZAR can be made over both LAN and client USB interfaces. Other interfaces can also be supported by adapters connected to the USB host interface, including WiFi, Bluetooth, and serial connections.

This RFID readers together with antennas Times-7 Anténa RFID A5020, ThingMagic Antenna RFID 7.5" Monostatic Wideband  and ThingMagic Antenna RFID 12" Monostatic Wideband is an ideal solution for implementation in high-performance RFID systems. For connection to the reading device, it is necessary to make a RF adaptors, which we will make to measure for you.

More information can be found in the attached datasheet.

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International business: +420 556 621 020,

Hotline: 599 509 599

International Business: +420 556 621 030,

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