5G modules


A wireless 5G IoT module is a small electronic device built into smaller devices that connects to the wireless networks of mobile operators and is used to send and receive information and data. 5G IoT module for IoT technologies. 

5G IoT Modules come with a wide range of wireless technology standards, and they provide a variety of features that can impact the success of IoT applications.

The fast data transfer of 5G technology will gradually replace existing frequencies designed for 2G and 4G technologies. It is currently a uniform standard worldwide. The main benefit of the new technology is the approximate tenfold increase in transmission speeds and substantial reductions in response times compared to the 4G standard, thus allowing the operation of state-of-the-art communication technologies.

New 5G networks improve the streaming of online content, the quality of calls and video calls, and greatly increase new internet connectivity solutions. The Industrial 5G IoT module with 5G connectivity is optimized for M2M and IoT devices, such as smart meters, medical applications, the automotive industry and IoT systems.

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