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NB-IoT level sensor

The level sensor monitors the level in wells, reservoirs, water tanks, rivers and other watercourses. It can monitor the set level. It is sold either separately or as the whole solution.

Sensor features:

• Waterproof cover PCBA or IP67
• Distance accuracy up to 0.5 cm
• Read speed 7.5 Hz
• Operating temperature -40°C to + 65°C
• Operating voltage 2.7 V to 5.5 V

With the SECTRON.Cloud platform, you can very easily monitor the level of a river or stream using a level sensor. By using more sensors downstream, it is possible to monitor the entire river flow and have all the important information in real time. All sensors can also be added to the extended SECTRON CLOUD function - the so-called Flood Portal. You can find more about the portal here.

The level or flood sensor is intended for monitoring of the height of the water level from the placed sensor. The measurement is performed with an accuracy of 0.5 cm. The sensor can be used for measurements in watercourses, wells or boreholes. It quickly and reliably measures the level at set intervals and sends data to the SECTRON Cloud via the SECTRON converter. If the set limit values are exceeded, the system can send warning messages by e-mail, SMS or machine message to an external system.

The sensor must be connected to the selected SECTRON transmitter. In this case, we recommend purchasing an NB-IoT sensory analog converter, from which the sensor can also be battery-powered.

By monitoring the water level and using the SECTRON CLOUD service to provide information in time, the municipality obtains information about the impending flood well in advance, thus ensuring measures to help prevent material and other damage can be deployed in time.

What is SECTRON Cloud?

SECTRON Cloud is an SaaS platform for collecting, processing, visualizing and managing IoT devices. It enables device connection via standard IoT - MQTT, CoAP and HTTP protocols and supports both cloud and on-premise deployments. The platform combines scalability, fault tolerance and performance, so you will never lose your data and you will always have the necessary data at hand in both text and graphic form.

You are in control of your devices and your visualization.

For the system to work properly, you need to purchase a level sensor + SECTRON IoT converter + SECTRON Cloud. For monitoring multiple sensors, including graphical visualization of the river, we recommend adding the Flood Portal.

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