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Lone Worker Badge Plus is autonomous tracker from Teltonika

Lone Worker Badge Plus is an autonomous tracker equipped with positioning systems (GNSS), mobile and data connectivity (GSM) and Bluetooth 4.0 + LE. It replaces the basic functions of a mobile phone. To ensure smooth operation, it is necessary to purchase a standard SIM card of the size "microSIM" with the support of voice and data transmission. The tracker is equipped with a 1050 mAh battery, sensors, GNSS receiver and other RF modules. It offers high-quality voice communication, device location information and several other premium features.

This unique device can serve as a security element for monitoring valuable items, supplies, and especially to ensure the safety of regular people or employees in the workplace, especially when performing risky tasks without the possibility of direct supervision.

These can include maintenance workers, employees working outside standard working hours or rescue services. It can also be used by rock climbers, nursing homes and many other. Where the device will be used depends on the tracker’s setup.

The data that can be obtained from the device can also lead to more efficient organizing and thus increase the productivity of employees in the given workplaces.

As the official distributor of Teltonika, we had the opportunity to try out the device and here are our impressions and review.

The tracker is very diverse in terms of functions, which unfortunately can make the configuration very complex and thus making the device suitable for more advanced users.

The package includes a USB charging cable and a small screwdriver.

The main panel consists of a total of five programmable buttons. The keys labeled 1, 2, 3 can be used speed dial the custom phone numbers. There is also a button marked (!). This is an alarm which can, if necessary, send GPS coordinates with a custom text either in the form of an SMS message or by data transfer to an external cloud storage (server). In extreme cases, it can be used as an emergency call button.

To insert the SIM card, it is necessary to remove the entire tracker cover. You can recognize Nokia phone battery. 

This simple use could replace smartphones in the hands of small children, for example in schools. With the Action on call function, you can find out information about the status of the device or information about its position by simply ringing it. The tracker sends the exact GPS coordinates to the caller's phone number in the form of an SMS, even with a link to the location in Google maps. Using this feature, you can easily find the current location of your child.

Received SMS message with date, time and GPS coordinates of the device. The report also includes a link to Google maps.

In addition to two-way communication and alarm, other very useful functions can be used. So let's describe them briefly. These are Geofence, MAN-down, on Demand Tracking, Over speeding, No movement Event and more.

The information transfer happens either immediately - in the form of an SMS or the monitored data is stored in the internal memory. We can also use an external cloud server or a combination of all three methods.

Status LEDs

The GPS system is extended by the Geofence function. Pre-configured area or radius of a selected distance can be setup, where the device monitors the entry / exit of a given zone or inter-zone transitions. Here we would see the possibility of monitoring heavy equipment and expensive material on larger construction sites.

Settings of Geofence feature.

Built-in sensors can be used to monitor whether the device is in a vertical or horizontal position. When changing the angle (rotation), the Man-down function can be triggered, which detects whether the person equipped with the tracker fell and can’t get up, thus preventing an accident and saving lives. For example, the staff of the nursing home would be informed in time about the person's condition and could act in time. This use is popular with seniors or people with movement ailments. The tracker can be set to monitor the movement or stationary nature of a device and then alert an authorized person when the device or the object on which the tracker is placed is set in motion.

Another useful feature is the speed measurement - the Over speeding function. The corresponding warning (action) is triggered when the set speed limit is exceeded. Logistics employers could use driving analysis to prevent sanctions for breaking the speed limits on roads.

The device contains I / O, which is used to monitor many types of variables, such as battery status, GNSS status, GPRS signal strength, temperature, humidity and others. Based on the collection of data of these variables, certain measures can be taken.

The tracker can also collect information from associated BLE sensors and then store this data in the appropriate repositories. We can check if the workplace is too cold / hot, humid and so on.

The equipment is really small. It fits in your pocket and has a loop for lanyard.

The device setup is managed via SMS messages or with the help of the Teltonika configurator. The device is either connected to the PC via the microUSB port or wirelessly using the built-in Bluetooth. Updating the FW device is very easy and can be done in several ways. You can use either FOTA, the web configurator (USB / BT) or Teltonika Mobile App.

Teltonika has created a thematic video on the current situation with COVID-19. It describes one of the possibilities of using the GH5200 tracker in companies, where through a combination of supported technologies they can monitor the social distance of individual employees by mapping their exact location. In the event of a violation of the defined personal radius, the device is able to audibly warn the employee that he stepped closer than the recommended social distance guidelines allow.


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