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Product code: EL-MB-HOME-C
Producer: MyBox
Product code: WBAC1X22PKR5

MyBox HOME 22kW - cable Type 2, 5m

Product code: EL-MB-HOME-C
Producer: MyBox
Product code: WBAC1X22PKR5

MyBox HOME 22kW - cable Type 2, 5m

The MyBox Home AC charging station is designed for both households and small businesses. It stands out for its reliability and easy operation.

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Detailed description

AC charging station MyBox HOME, straight cable Type 2 (Mennekes)

The AC MyBox Home charging station is distinguished by its reliability, modern design and easy operation. It is intended for both households and small companies. It has a power of 22 kW, which allows you to use the full potential of any electric car. This MyBox Home charging station (EL-MB-HOME-C) is equipped with a 5 m long Type 2 (Mennekes) straight cable. It is also possible to additionally buy a dynamic power control module, which prevents the main circuit breaker from tripping even if the heat pump or other powerful appliance is switched on (the dynamic control module is a must within the NGS subsidy).

The MyBox Home meets the requirements for obtaining the New Green Savings subsidy in the Czech Republic and it enables the connection with a photovoltaic power plant. This product of the Czech manufacturer Elexim consists only of available quality components from leading European manufacturers.

The MyBox Home wallbox is ready for connection to the control software (cloud):

• users and station management, remote access
• control via the MyBox mobile application - you will immediately find out important information about the status of the wallbox and the charging process

Key features:

• Easy to mount on a wall or post
• A Czech product made from European components
• Secure authorization (e.g. using RFID)
• Possibility of connection with PV plants
• Dynamic power management module support
• Easy integration into the Smart Home system


• Max. input current: 3 × 32 A
• Max. output power: 22 kW
• Max. output power per connector: 22 kW
• Max. output current per connector: 3 × 32 A
• AC output voltage: 400 V (3P+N+PE)
• Protection: IP54/IK10 (not connected), IP44/IK10 (connected)
• Operating temperature: -25 °C to +45 °C
• Operating humidity: 5 to 95% non-condensing
• Dimensions: 200 x 305 x 105 mm
• Weight: 4 kg

The charging station is made of resistant plastic and tempered glass (with the possibility of printing) and it is resistant to adverse weather and mechanical damage. Thanks to the operating temperature from -25 to 45 °C, you can reliably charge the battery of your electric car in both cold and hot weather. You can safely install the charging station indoors and outdoors as well.

High power and advanced functions

All the MyBox charging stations have a charging power of up to 22 kW. The MyBox Home model provides home charging of electric cars and plug-in hybrids. Currently, the majority of all EVs uses
 11 kW when charging. Therefore, this station is also ready for the future, when electric cars will use the high power of AC charging stations.

The charging stations are designed with sustainability in mind. The components of European production guarantee long-term functionality and problem-free service.

• Smart LED indicators inform about the status of the charging connector. If the green light is on, you can charge.
• Communication via Ethernet or Wi-Fi network

Moreover, the MyBox charging station is ready for additional functions to be added, which will be appreciated even by advanced users:

Module for dynamic power control – your main circuit breaker will not trip even if you switch on another powerful appliance.
• Authorization system – limit the access to the charging station. You can authorize users using a RFID chip reader, e.g.
• Connection with PV plants - use surplus energy from your home photovoltaic power plant and reduce electricity expenses.
• SmartHome connection – connect the wallbox to your SmartHome control system. Control all devices from one place.
• Preparation for the connection to the control software – you‘ll get remote access to the wallbox. With it, you will also get the possibility of managing users and the station itself.

Technical parameters can be found in the datasheet attached.


Operating temperature -25 ~ +45  °C Weight 4  kg
AC/DC AC AC output connector Type 2
Output current 3 × 32  A Output voltage 400  V DC
Communication Ethernet (TCP/IP) , WiFi b/g/n , Modbus / RS485 , Serial TTL Degree of protection IP54/IK10 (nezapojeno) , IP44/IK10 (zapojeno)
Operating humidity Nekondenzující 5 až 95  % Provedení kabelu Rovný
RFID čtečka Bez RFID Povrchový materiál Plast a kalené sklo

1 136.19incl. VAT (21%) / pc

excl. VAT 939.00 € / pc

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