Olife Energy Wallbox AC 22kW - BASE - cable Type 2, 3m

Product code: EL-WB22-BASE-C /Manufacturer: Olife Energy

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Olife Energy Wallbox AC 22kW - BASE, cable Type 2, length 3 m

OlifeEnergy WallBox BASE is a charging station with a cable (twisted) Type 2, which is designed for charging all types of electric cars on the EU market with alternating current (AC). It charges up to 22 kW. Thanks to the degree of protection IP66, it is durable and suitable for outdoor use and installation in indoor spaces such as garages. It can be mounted on a wall (wallbox) or on a profile that is anchored to the ground (mount field).

The basic version "BASE" can work locally. Charging therefore starts automatically as soon as the vehicle is connected or after identification with an RFID card. The power of the station can be controlled in the range of 0 - 22 kW by a local unit. The station is equipped with protection against electric current overload.

The total power consumption of the station can be dynamically regulated using the external module OlifeEnergy SmartMeter BASE. SmartMeter is a device that ensures optimal use of the capacity of the electrical connection by measuring the current consumption of the Wallbox or its sub-circuit and evaluating the available power consumption for the OlifeEnergy charging station. The station then regulates the charging current according to the available power input.

This WallBox is equipped with a socket and a Type 2 cable (Mennekes), which is 3 m long.

The input power cable must be preceded by a type B circuit breaker, with a max. Tripping value of 32A and a Residual Current protective Device type A, with a max. rated current 40A.

Specification WallBox BASE:

• Outputconnector: Type 2
• Output power : 11/14/17/22 kW
• Control: local - automatic or RfID
• Residual protection: rezidual DC current detection (IEC 62955)
• Max. input current : 16/20/25/32 A
• Input voltage: 3x400 V
• IP rating: IP 66
• Operating temperature: od -25 do 40 °C
• Operating humidity: od 5 % do 95 %
• Weight: 8 kg
• Dimensions: 17x29x12 cm
• Ordering code: T2K

OlifeEnergy WallBox is offered in BASE and SMART variants. The comparison of both variants is in the table below.

Technical parameters can be found in the attached datasheet.

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