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Protempis is the leader in solutions for accurate time synchronization in industrial applications

Protempis (the former Trimble's Time & Frequency division) designs precision time synchronization solutions for a variety of industrial applications that rely on precise timing to best synchronize all processes. This leads to the highest possible operational efficiency across all branches. As a leader in this field, Protempis brings reliable products that meet the highest internationally recognized standards with the support of modern 5G network.

Their product portfolio includes both PTP and NTP servers, GNSS receivers (Single and Dual Band) modules, GNSS disciplined clocks, GNSS antennas (single and dual band) and combined GNSS receivers and antennas.

Let's see how these products are used in practice. The aforementioned GNSS disciplined clocks are an essential product for the modern world. It is a time synchronization device equipped with a GNSS navigation satellite system. This navigation system provides accurate time and accurate location tracking.

The GNSS disciplined clocks are used in many areas:

They are ideal for communication networks, data centers and other applications that require absolute accuracy, time synchronization and reliability of technological systems that play a key role in many industries and applications. The current trend are Smart factories. They try to make the production process, in which people, machines, automation and software move, as efficient as possible. It all works together perfectly. All participants in the process must know the exact time and at what time they must perform a certain operation in order to avoid a fatal failure. The current idea of an ideal world is the Industry 4.0, which puts many companies under pressure from the point of view of efficiency and high product quality. It simply cannot be done without a device for precise time management.

Accurate location is crucial for mapping, height measurement, boundary determination and geodetic work. It is essential for infrastructure projects and cadastral offices. It is also widely used in the field of surveying and geodesy.

Thanks to the GNSS time synchronization, disciplined clocks are essential for telecommunications, financial transactions, power industry and other industries that rely on an accurate time reference point. The GNSS navigation system enables drivers, sailors, and airline pilots to accurately track their location, navigate to a destination, and more.

For scientific research, the disciplined clocks provide important information in fields such as meteorology and geophysics. 

Do you need to use accurate time measurement in your project? Do you need to implement it in some process and thus make your outputs more efficient? Contact SECTRON, which operates on the Czech market as an authorized distributor of Protempis products and will offer you the ideal solution for your needs

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