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The SECTRON LITE portable charging station comes to the market with an aggressive price!

With the growing popularity of electric cars, the demand for a convenient charging method not only at home is increasing. If you are an owner of an electric car or you are planning to get one, a portable charging station may be the solution you are looking for!

SECTRON has been operating on the electromobility market for more than 6 years. We offer our portable SECTRON AC charger, wallboxes by MyBox and Olife Energy. SECTRON also installs large DC stations and provides consultancy. However, the market lacked a product that was affordable and offered the optimal combination for use at home and on the go. We have tested dozens of products and have selected the 11 kW 16A SECTRON LITE portable charging station with a TYPE 2 connector for our portfolio, which you can buy from us for 265,40 EUR excluding VAT.

A portable charging station can fully replace a wallbox in the garage. It is not necessary to change the electrical installation. It is enough to use a three-phase five-pin red 400 V 16 A socket (CEE-5 pin 400 V 16 A), which can be usually found in every family house. Thus, you can simply charge your EV overnight and set off in the morning with a fully charged battery. One of the advantages is that you can pack the charging station into a practical portable bag and take it with you on vacation or on a business trip. Combining the portable charging station with adapters for e.g. SCHUKO 220V or a camping socket, you can charge practically anywhere. The flexible cable of the charger is 4 m long and handling it is very convenient. The total length of the charger including the body and the CEE-5 pin 400 V 16 A connector is 5 meters. The portable charging station has a protection degree of IP55, which ensures resistance to dust, rain and low-pressure splashing water.

The handling of this portable charging station is very easy, it does not require any special installations. You plug the CEE 5-pin plug into the wall socket, the display, on which you set the charging current (6 – 16 A), lights up and you have the option of choosing a delayed charging start (0 - 12 hours). Then you plug the TYP2 Mennekes connector into the vehicle socket, the car starts communicating with the SECTRON charger and the charging process starts. The portable charging station is compatible with every modern electric car on the market today. During charging, the LED display shows information about the current offtake, voltage, the current charging power, charger temperature, charging time and the already charged energy to the electric car. If needed, you can take a picture of the data, which are shown on the charger display, once the car is charged. Attention! After disconnecting the charger from the electrical grid, the charger is reset. This is one of the main differences between our smart SECTRON charging station that has memory and the SECTRON LITE charging station without memory.

If you are not sure if this charger is suitable for your electric car, please contact SECTRON, so that we can answer any questions you may have.

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