Reasons to buy a cellular router with built-in VPN

VPN is a service that can virtually change the location of your device in seconds. VPNs have become increasingly more popular in recent days, and it's no wonder that manufacturers have decided to embed this service directly into their routers. Examples of these manufacturers include Robustel and Teltonika. What are the advantages?


Most VPN services nowadays cost monthly fees. With the built-in service directly in the router, you only need to find the VPN server and set the required parameters. You don't pay for anything.


Some VPN services offer encryption of your data. Not only will your site be displayed as the VPN server’s location, but your data will be unreadable to anyone who could read data from your device.


Cellular routers use mobile networks, so you can use them to connect to the Internet from anywhere. However, if you use them together with a VPN service, you can always be connected to your company’s or home network and have access to the data you need, even on the go or in remote locations.


The VPN router is also suitable for regular everyday use. There are services that lock their content only to certain areas. For example, streaming services that offer their shows based on your country. However, news services or music content are no exception.

 There are many more benefits, of course, but that depends on your needs. Today, the use of cellular routers with VPN can be seen on construction sites, in public transport, food stands in events or even in hard-to-reach areas such as mountain huts. How will you use yours?

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