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Self-service parcel lockers increase the convenience of shopping

Nowadays, self-service parcel lockers are coming to the fore offering customers the option of picking up the purchased goods without the need to interact with a salesperson, which increases the comfort of the buyers. One of the advantages is also the abundance of pick-up places in busy areas, which makes them accessible to people throughout the whole day, e.g. in housing estates or shopping centers. Parcel lockers are already known as facilities of postal or trasnportation services. Now these solutions also come into play in residential apartment buildings, where the lockers can be used not only for delivering parcels, but also for food or dispatch. The lockers can be connected to the systems of most carriers or service providers.

Source: OX Point – Parcel lockers OX Box

Of course, each parcel locker has a logic that ensures the user verification and access to the given order, which is assigned to the order number. Secure Internet access and secure real-time communication can be provided by Robustel routers R1510 or R2000. These two variants are just an example of which devices would be suitable in this segment. Robustel guarantees for its products high quality, durability and security through VPN technology. The ability of extensive configuration and the possibility of using external antennas, which SECTRON provides at the request of the customer, is a bonus while implementing the given devices.

Currently, cloud-based device management solutions are being addressed everywhere. Of course Robustel is no exception and it also offers the possibility of remote connection, which is possible thanks to the RobustOS operating system and the Robustel cloud platform RCMS (Robustel Cloud Manager Service). Both the operating system and the platform are developed by Robustel for their line of industrial routers and IoT devices. With the remote connection function it is possible to monitor the status of the device in real time, solve any updates or manage necessary changes in the system, which will be appreciated by the administrators of the devices in question.

From the point of view of vandalism, it’s also interesting the possibility of connecting cameras with image transmission, which the Robustel device can transmit in high quality thanks to its connection to the LTE network. The provider of the given service will therefore be able to prevent possible theft or attempts of other physical damage.

The integration of reliable Robustel routers into the self-service parcel lockers is the key to their successful operation. These high-perfomance devices ensure a stable and secure connection, allowing the lockers to work efficiently and increase the customer satisfaction. Thanks to modern technologies brought by Robustel routers, self-service parcel lockers ensure optimal value and comfort for modern consumers.

SECTRON is an authorized distributor of Robustel products and has in its portfolio routers suitable for integration into parcel lockers. We offer technical support for every purchased device. If you have any questions, contact us at

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