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Timeless magnetic antenna AO-A5G-MG6S by SECTRON: Communication is unstoppably moving towards 5G and WiFi

Nowadays, when our world depends more than ever on a fast and reliable communication, it becomes necessary to use advanced technologies. You can have the best system, the best control unit, but if you don't have a quality antenna in your project that will provide you with sufficient signal transmission power and won’t be functioning in the most difficult weather conditions, then the whole solution is uncompetitive.

Avoid unnecessary complications and get to know the antenna, which mustn‘t be missing in your project!

The magnetic antenna with a built-in magnet for placement on any metal base is an ideal solution for signal reception in 5G and WiFi Dual Band technologies. The omnidirectional antenna with a gain of 6 dBi works in the bands 690-960 / 1710-2700 / 3300-4400 / 5100-5950 MHz. Thanks to the IP65 rating, it is suitable for mounting outdoors. It works in a temperature range from -30 °C to 80 °C, weighs less than 52 g and it‘s 288 mm high.

Outdoor mounting and connectivity in all weathers.

The base of the antenna has a round shape with a diameter of 30 mm, so it can be placed on a very small metal surface. Thanks to the strong magnet in the base of the antenna, you don't have to worry about any movement, even in adverse weather. Its construction and the quality of the used materials guarantee functionality even at high temperatures in direct sunlight. The antenna is connected to the device by a 3 m long RG174 cable, which is terminated with an SMA connector (m).

The antenna has a wide range of uses. It is most often used in M2M and IoT projects, but also in industrial installations or robotics. Each project is specific and requires minor modifications, most often in the cable length or in the type of the connector.

We optimize the antenna cable according to your project.

In this case, the RG174/U cable is ideal for short and bending-stressed connections in measurement and telecommunication technology. However, we can fit the cable to another connector, e.g. BNC/FME/SMA, according to the specification of your project. One of the frequent requests is also to make a suitable extension in the form of a cable adaptor, which can be fitted with a different type of connector. The goal is always to find a solution that minimizes losses, i.e. does not reduce the performance of the antenna itself.

If you need such an antenna in your project, do not hesitate to contact the technical support of the Czech company SECTRON, based in Ostrava and operating in the field of wireless technologies for more than 29 years.

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