Antennas for wheeled vehicles complying with standard EN-45545-2: 2020

SECTRON introduces a novelty in its offer, namely a certified cable SC-174 meeting the EN-45545-2: 2020 standard for wheeled vehicles, which allows expanding the range of goods with special antennas for a specific group of customers. Also, the expansion of custom production of coaxial cables according to customer requirements for the length and type of connector for wheeled vehicles.

In connection with this coaxial cable, we will expand our production of antennas. In the first wave, alternatives for these antennas AO-AUMTS-S2B-SC174, AO-AKOM-30BS-SC174, AP-AGNSS-SMA-SC174 will appear on the market. We are ready to listen to customer requirements and prepare a custom antenna for them according to the specified specifications.

Do you do business in the field of wheeled vehicles?

We offer you cooperation in the development and implementation of wireless technologies in wheeled vehicles in compliance with all necessary standards.

What is the european safety standard EN45545-2?

The EN 45545-2: 2020 norm specifies requirements for the properties of materials and products used on rolling stock defined in EN 45545-1 in terms of reaction to fire. To determine the hazard levels that are used as the basis of the sorting system, operational ones are used

and design categories are defined in EN 45545-1. This section sets out the test methods, test conditions and material performance requirements for each hazard level and products in terms of reaction to fire.

The obligation to apply the fire safety requirements for rolling stock follows from the provisions of Article 42.10.2 of EU Commission Regulation No. 1302 / 2014EU - LOC & PAS TSI

This Regulation explicitly imposes an obligation to use rolling stock construction materials that meet the requirements of the EN 45545 series of standards.

The aim of the directive is to ensure the constant properties of the product or production process, which can be demonstrated by the manufacturer or supplier with a certificate of conformity, the material with the standard EN45545, issued by the Accredited Testing Laboratory after testing the product.

The EU Commission Regulation is binding on all EU member states at the level of legal requirement. It is not possible to certify and put a new vehicle into service without demonstrable compliance with the LOC & PAS TSI regulations.

SECTRON is a producer of antennas and RF adaptors. Upon your request, we will design and manufacture cable reducers or adjust the cable length and connector termination at the antenna.

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