How does Gemalto help change the world with IoT?

The gradual damping of GSM technology and the dynamic boom of high-speed and cost-effective LTE applications change the world of interconnected devices within M2M into a complex ecosystem of various sensors, machines and network applications called Internet of Things. No progressive company can ignore this trend.
In the Czech Republic, SECRON s.r.o. from Ostrava has been specializing in M2M for more than 23 years. SECTRON operates in the field of wireless technology as a distributor of modules, modems, routers and manufacturers of antennas, cables, pigtail cables and other M2M accessories.

Their partner in the IoT field is the Gemalto brand, which is a recognized company with customers in 180 countries around the world. SECTRON is a long-term partner and distributor of the Gemalto portfolio in the Czech Republic.

In today’s hectic time, IoT will provide a number of improvements to processes such as acceleration, automation and optimization not only in industry, but also in urban agglomerations as well as in homes. In this context, SECTRON prepares a whole host of new things and ideas for the year 2018 such as expanding their offers for metering components, mass transportation, Smart City, Smart Home, electromobility, security and many more.

Cars of the future
For the world of IoT, Gemalto uses its compact standardized modules that are capable of connecting any device to cellular networks. Of course, the modules also include the high-quality security of communications, that Gemalto is well known for. Nowadays, when car manufacturers are striving towards autonomous vehicles with access to the Internet of things, these modules are the ideal solution. The module connects to an ECU - a car's nervous system - where it can read fuel consumption information, speeds, and so on. This information then can be used to find the ideal safe speed with the best power and performance ratio. Additionally, these modules can be used to connect to the Internet, enhance navigation, create a mobile hotspot, or process data from sensors.

Smart cities
Smart cities are slowly becoming reality. All devices that can be controlled, whether its traffic lights, information kiosks, street lights or energy consumption meters, are slowly but surely being connected to the Internet of Things. As an example of efficient use, we can mention one of the Polish projects in the smart metering field. Gas, electricity or water consumption meters are connected via PLC networks to industrial ANDRA routers fitted with the Cinterion® PLS8 M2M wireless modules from Gemalto. With LTE connections (with seamless fallback to 3G or 2G where LTE is not available) provided by these modules to routers, it is possible to send the collected data to control centers and then pass them on to customers who can actively regulate and adjust their consumption. Companies can also use information to optimize energy production and distribution for higher efficiency.

The language of the trees
The Amazon Rainforest is one of the most important natural resources, being home to one in 10 of the world’s species. Deforestation, however, is one of the great global problems of our planet. In the last two years, more than 4000 km2 of the forest was destroyed and most of this mining is carried out illegally. That is why the Brazilian government is looking for braking mechanisms to effectively resolve this. One possible solution can be a warning system with sensors attached to modules that can withstand the challenging rainforest conditions while being small enough to be covertly installed on the trees. Sensors built on the Gemalto BGS2 wireless modules provide cellular communication between all the forest installations, the headquarters and the law enforcement. The device is smaller than a pack of cards, camouflaged to blend with the trunk of a tree. The network of interconnected sensors for detecting any forest disturbance with the ability to track GPS points appears to be an effective warning and rescue system to address the problem of illegal felling of rare trees in the Amazon.

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Cinterion BGS2 Terminal RS232 (L30960-N2700-A100) [GM-BGS2T-232]

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The M2M Thales Gemalto Cinterion BGS2 Wireless Module offers 2G connectivity, full voice capabilities, high-speed GPRS data and the lowest power consumption in its class.

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