NÚKIB warns against remote measurement devices originating from countries outside the EU

In connection with the growing threat of cyber attacks NÚKIB (National Cyber Security Office) has issued warnings about devices using direct B, C1, C2 and C3 electricity metering technologies manufactured outside the EU or using technologies or components originating from outside the EU.

The full report can be downloaded here.

Possible effects of breaching the security of direct metering technologies on the security of electricity supply include, in particular, influencing the metering and sending of erroneous data and disconnecting the supply point from electricity. The reconnection of the electricity consumption point may require the physical presence of an authorized worker at that point and thus there may be a delay in the resumption of electricity supply.

The biggest threat is then the stability disruption of the transmission system while a mass disconnection of supply points occurs, which can lead to a blackout in a large area.

The above-mentioned impacts may affect up to 5.5 million electricity meters, ie consumption points.

Procuring energy security is one of the strategic goals of the Czech Republic. The use of communication elements from European manufacturers reduces the threat of attacks on direct measurement systems. Such a manufacturer is, for example, the French company Thales, the manufacturer of wireless communication Cinterion ™ modules. SECTRON is a major European distributor of Thales Cinterion modules.

Nowadays, remote reading technologies are not just about electricity meters. They are also part of heat, water and gas meters and other smart devices such as tracking and tracing. These are all spaces where there is some level of risk of data misuse or traffic restrictions. National Cyber and Information Security Authority's warnings should not be taken lightly by manufacturers, as the development of new components is a long-term process and takes a lot of effort. A critical moment could be a regulation banning the use of non-European suppliers for security reasons. It is therefore worth considering whether to include components from European suppliers in the development portfolio and, at the same time, consider starting to work on a possible alternative.

SECTRON always strives to provide development support to its partners. If you are not familiar with the wide range of Cinterion wireless modules, we will be happy to advise you according to your needs and we will assist you with the selection of a suitable module for your project. You can reach us at or at +420 556 621 020. You can also contact us in the chat on this website.

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