Wallbox installation

One of the advantages of an electric car is that you don't have to "refuel" your car only at the gas station, but also at home, where you park your car every day. All you have to do is buy a home charger, the so-called wallbox, which is most often placed on the wall in the garage. Thanks to the degree of protection IP66, you can also install the charging station outdoors, eg on a pole. It‘s true that electric motorists who live in high-rise blocks in cities will still find it a bit difficult for a while as it is often not easy to park right next to the main entrance, which is often separated from the road by a grass strip and sidewalk. But new residential houses with underground parking lots already have the option of installing a wallbox.

A wallbox with an integrated cable is suitable for home use. You can connect the car for charging in the evening and in the morning you can go to work with a fully charged electric car. The wallbox will charge your electric car gently and safely. Charging using the wallbox is convenient, you don't have to pull out and connect charging cables. You unwind the integrated cable and, after charging, rewind it directly on the wallbox.

How to install a wallbox

While it may seem you just have to drill wall plugs and hang the wallbox, it's not that easy in the end. The wallbox is an electrical appliance and it requires a three-phase 400 V connection. In the main distribution board, you must reckon a sufficient circuit breaker and reserved input power. This input can be increased by your electricity supplier. It is also necessary to bring a cable with a sufficient cross-section to the place of installation of the wallbox.

If you want to record the obtained power to charge the car, you can do it by installing a secondary meter just in front of the wallbox. You will need an ethernet data cable if you need to control charging power within your home. The wallbox then uses only the available power, which does not limit other at the same time used appliances.

Entrust the installation of the wallbox to experts. SECTRON is a certified holder of professional qualifications for the installation of charging stations for electric vehicles. After the installation, it is necessary to prepare an inspection report on the appliance.

Professional installation of the wallbox is a condition for drawing the subsidy

Currently, it is possible to draw subsidies from the New Green Savings Program (NZÚ Ekomobilita) to purchase a wallbox in Czech Republic.

This subsidy provides financial support for the acquisition and installation of a charging station for electric vehicles and other equipment necessary for operation. The subsidy applies for both family houses and apartment buildings. It can be obtained by any owner of existing housing units or new buildings, and by a community of unit owners as well. The amount of the subsidy is 50% of the total implementation, max CZK 30,000 per installation.

The contribution is conditioned by the installation of a wallbox with intelligent performance control, including professional installation and connection.

The subsidies will cover 50% of the complete package (wallbox, SmartMeter, installation, revision). A wallbox purchased from SECTRON can be also professionally installed by us. SECTRON will also help you with the necessary steps to apply for a state contribution from the New Green Savings Program.

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