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R2110 – High-speed LTE gateway for your projects

Every larger IoT project needs a high-quality Router that will transmit data from the connected sensors to your designated location. High-speed IoT Router R2110 offers the state-of-the-art technology in a robust, industral design. It can therefore be installed where regular routers cannot.

Thanks to its dual cellular module architecture, continuous connectivity is ensured with an almost instantaneous failover to the second connection in the event of a power failure. This feature is particularly useful in IoT applications located in moving vehicles, in areas with low coverage or for applications that use monitoring and control of industrial equipment and need 100% availability.

Combining this availability and high LTE speeds, which can theoretically reach up to 300 Mbps downlaod, this router is able to accommodate more sensors and data than ever before. The IoT Router R2110 also supports Bluetooth 5.0 technology, making it ideal for connecting to low-energy Bluetooth IoT sensors, the so-called BLE sensors.

Of course, R2110, like all Robustel devices, includes RobustOS, an operating system developed on Linux that makes it easy to implement and develop countless applications. The IoT Router R2110 comes with a complete SDK and full Robustel app development support for larger projects.

The R2110 features:

• 1Gbps faster ethernet port
• 802.11ac Wave1 dual 2.4G & 5GHz
• POE power supply for bottom equipment
• RS485&RS232 serial interface
• DI/DO trigger switch
• Bluetooth Low-power communication
• Supports WWAN, WAN, WLAN link backup and ICMP detection
• Supports cold backup , warm backup and load balancing
• RobustOS + SDK + App
• IPsec/OpenVPN/GRE
• Management and maintenance via Web/CLI/SNMP/RobustLink Cloud
• Robust industrial design (9 to 36V DC, desktop or wall mounting or DIN rail mounting)

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