Rental of industrial routers is a novelty in Czech market

Company SECTRON comes to the market with a unique offer for their customers. Their clients can now save on cost of hardware, time, stress or even the delay in complaint procedures. Rental of industrial routers for 6,12 or 24 months is revolutionary in this field.

Why rent  a router and not buy it?

Every new idea is not only a big challenge, but also has usually high costs tied to it. The original idea can change in a few months to something completely different and then what do you do with all that bought hardware? Rental of such routers is then a logical step that lowers the starting cost without the necessity to lower your standards for hardware equipment. Such solution could have a bad influence on the quality of the final service.

Are you a local internet provider, small or moderately sized company, that has a need for a network connection? In that case you know what financial difficulties can rise from a purchase of these components, bad experience with replacing the device, complaints, keeping spare pieces in stock, network outage, cost connected with guaranteed connections etc.

Thanks to the rented routers with cellular technology your worries will become nonexistent.

   • Modernize your network with industrial components.
   • No need to keep the spare pieces in your stock.
   • Lower the need to go to customers in case of network outage. Router keeps the stable connectivity thanks to the fallback to LTE network in case of outage.
   • Optimize your cash flow with monthly payments instead of one massive entrance cost. This monthly payment is basically paid by your customer.
  • Etc.

Try out industrial solutions in your network!

Selected routers are fitting even into extreme conditions. That is why they are used, for example, by construction companies, ski resorts, mountain rescue services, bus companies, freight forwarders, ship transportation, taxi services and more.

Good antenna ensures stable connection.

Industrial routers have an option to connect your own external antenna. In places with bad signal, you can connect the ideal antenna which will correspond with its properties to the place it is situated in. This ensures higher signal quality and fast and stable connection. If you are not sure how to properly choose the right antenna for your area or your needs, all you need to do is to call SECTRON hotline number. Once you do so, their highly experience personal will guide you through all the necessary steps and helps you to simply and quickly select the right antenna for you.

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LTE Router RUT950 - Monthly rent / 6 month contract [PRO6-GM-RUT950]

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