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Trimble has a nearly 40-year history of accurate positioning. Trimble's main portfolio is GPS / GLONNAS modules, GPS receivers, laser range finders, inertial navigation systems and many more. Trimble's modules offer cutting-edge Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) technology, which enables highly accurate positioning, navigation, and timing capabilities.

We also offer a range of industrial mobile computers. All this in Trimble portfolio. 

Trimble products are purchased by large companies in a variety of industries such as agriculture, construction and land surveying. For example, Liebherr currently uses Trimble products on its bulldozers, which show the information about the future draft right in the cabin, current mining or order status and more, to improve the accuracy, productivity and economy of excavation work. Trimble provides a multitude of solutions for anyone who needs accurate positioning, distance and speed information.

Trimble modules stand at the forefront of positioning technology, embodying precision, adaptability, and innovation. Their ability to provide accurate positioning data across diverse applications makes them an indispensable tool for industries that rely on location-based information. As technology continues to advance, Trimble remains dedicated to delivering solutions that redefine the possibilities of precision positioning.

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