Teltonika LTE router RUTX09

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Industrial LTE/GNSS Router RUTX09

Industrial LTE router for SIM card RUTX09 - Designed for 4G falls into the group of compact, cost-effective and secure industrial IoT routers that guarantee high performance in a wide range of operating temperatures. It features a Dual SIM slot and 4x Gigabit Ethernet with speeds of up to 1000 Mbps, LEDs for digital I / O, and status LEDs that show the received signal level from the 4G mobile network.  Integrated GPS receiver ensures constant data about the vehicle’s position. The features of this device include 4x Gigabit Ethernet and also the fact that 4G technology is proven, reliable and widely used today.

Key Features:

• Gigabit Ethernet with speeds up to 1000 Mbps
• Dual-SIM with auto Failover, Backup WAN and other SW features
• Teltonika Remote Management System compatible
• Multiple secure VPN services
• Easy to use, secure and feature rich OpenWrt based Operating

Standard package contains: 

• Router RUTX09
• Euro PSU
• 2 x LTE antennas (swivel, SMA male)
• 1 x GNSS antenna
• Ethernet cable (1.5 m)
• QSG (Quick Start Guide)

Try RMS for free by clicking on this link to register your free 30-day demo account!

*Optional accessories
 AO-ALTE-MG9S - Antenna GSM/UMTS/LTE Magnetic 90, 5-9 dBi, SMA(m), 3m RG174 – (3m)
 AO-ALTE-MG9S5 - Antenna GSM/UMTS/LTE Magnetic 5-9 dBi, SMA(m), 5 m RG174U-DS – (5m)

For this router RUTX09 you can buy the Teltonika BAT120 backup power supply, which takes over the power supply of the router for up to 6 hours in the event of a power failure.

We recommend using the complete user manual and documents for configuration, official materials can be found here.

More information can be found in the attached datasheet and quick manual.

Quick Start Guide Video


Firewall: NAT / Static/Dynamic routing / Firewall / OpenVPN / IPSec / H.232 and SIP-alg protocol NAT helpers / allowing proper routing of VoIP packets LTE zone: 800/900/1800/2100/2600 MHz
LTE speed (Mbps): 300/50 Power supply: 9 – 50 V
Number of SIM cards: 2x Operational temperature: -40 to +75 °C
Dimensions: 115 x 95 x 44 mm Extension: C / C++ / Passive PoE / Busybox shell / Lua
Technology : LTE (Cat1) / 3G / 2G / GPS Weight: 456 g
VPN: Open VPN client and server and P2P / L2TP / PPTP / GRE / EasyVPN / DMVPN / IPSec with IKEv1 and IKEv2

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Teltonika Remote Management System

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The Teltonika backup power supply in solid aluminium housing has a 2300 mAh 17 Wh battery.

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